Monday, March 31, 2014

Kari Jobe, "Forever" [OPC Hits 2014.3.30]

Kari Jobe is back on the newest OPC chart! Last year, her song "Find You on My Knees" found itself debuting at #2, but this time, she beats her record and scores a grand entrance at the top spot. From the album Majestic, this single is a very beautiful and powerful praise and worship song about how Jesus overcame death through his resurrection, proclaiming that for all of time, He will be glorified and lifted high. Here's "Forever," this week's #1 song:

OPC Hits
March 30-April 5, 2014

1-1@11Kari JobeForever
212@13PlanetshakersEndless Praise
3-31Casting CrownsThrive
4-41Francesca BattistelliWrite Your Story
5-51Capital CitiesOne Minute More
622@15PlanetshakersMade for Worship
7332Corey VossNothing But the Blood
8524Elevation WorshipMighty Warrior
9442Cash CashLightning [feat. John Rzeznik]
10662Jeremy CampCome Alive
1-1@11Sponge ColaSingapore Sling (Dahil Kilala na Kita)
2-21ZeddFind You [feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant]
311@12Sons of LifeBurning in My Soul [feat. Jake Hamilton]
4-41My Chemical RomanceFake Your Death
1-1@11Sponge ColaSingapore Sling (Dahil Kilala na Kita)
321@13Sponge ColaAnting-Anting [feat. Gloc-9 & Denise Barbacena]
4428Sarah GeronimoTayo
552@112Angeline QuintoSana 2X

Friday, March 28, 2014

Si Ben 11 and Other Laughables

Ben-11 (courtesy of Mike G)

Q: Kung si Ben 10 cartoon character, unsa man si Ben 11?
A: Si Ben 11 kay... convenience store!

K-9 (courtesy of Mike G)

Q: Nganong K-9 man ang tawag sa iro?
A: Kay kung K-10, iring nĂ¢ nga gamay pa.

Second Day

Q: Unsa'y kanta sa manag-uyab on their second day together?
A: "Day Two, Day Two sa puso ko!"


Coca-Cola Body

Q: Kinsa nga PBA player ang adunay Coca-Cola body?
A: Walay lain kung dili si Curvy Raymundo!

Dancing Quen

Guy 1: Bai, matod pa sa kanta nga "Dancing Quen," unsa nang orasa?
Guy 2: Unsa man?
Guy 1: Alas siyete diyes.
Guy 2: Mao ba?
Guy 1: "You are the dancing quen, young and swet, only seventen."

Cake Questions

Kung naay cassava cake, naa pud kahay cahilom cake?
Kung naay banana cake, naa pud kahay asawana cake?


Empleyado: Ma'am, blood ba ka?
Female Boss: Ngano, kay type ko nimo?
Empleyado: Aw, dili Ma'am. Maka-pressure man gud ka!


Mama: Nganong hilom man ka, Anak?
Anak: Sakit man gud akong ngipon, Ma.
Mama: Ipaibot na lang na imong ngipon, motubo pa bitaw na og balik.
Anak: Okay, Ma.
(Niabot ang amahan.)
Anak: Nganong hilom man ka, Pa?
Papa: Sakit man gud akong dila, naay luas.
Anak: Ipaibot na lang na imong dila, Pa, motubo pa bitaw na og balik.
Papa: Kinsay gatudlo nimo ana?
Anak: Si Mama ay!
Mama: Mao na ni ron!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Corey Voss, "Nothing But the Blood" [OPC Hits 032314]

Six months ago, twelve worship leaders had a retreat at the Methow Valley in Washington. They spent time with God and had fellowship with one another for a week. The result: 18 new songs and 21 live recordings. All the Saints: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat - No. 1 features eight of those recordings, and one of its tracks has made it to the OPC Hits chart this week. Here's Corey Voss with "Nothing But the Blood" debuting at #3:

OPC Hits
March 23-29, 2013

112@12PlanetshakersEndless Praise
222@14PlanetshakersMade for Worship
3-31Corey VossNothing But the Blood
4-41Cash CashLightning [feat. John Rzeznik]
5323Elevation WorshipMighty Warrior
6-61Jeremy CampCome Alive
753@110Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
8443Ingrid MichaelsonGirls Chase Boys
9-91Devin WilliamsI Will Overcome
10663We Are the In CrowdManners
1-1@11Sons of LifeBurning in My Soul [feat. Jake Hamilton]
3223Marie Miller6'2
4442Sponge ColaAnting-Anting [feat. Gloc-9 & Denise Barbacena]
5333Michael BoggsWhat Would Jesus Undo
211@12Sponge ColaAnting-Anting [feat. Gloc-9 & Denise Barbacena]
322@14SabrinaAlmost Is Never Enough [feat. Myk Perez]
4327Sarah GeronimoTayo
542@111Angeline QuintoSana 2X

Monday, March 24, 2014

Start and Finish

Kung sa KFC mag-so good, asa kaha mag-Human?
Thanks to Godsend Debbie for the second image.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Planetshakers, "Endless Praise" [OPC Hits 2014.3.16]

The Planetshakers shakes up Planet OPC as they bump themselves out of the top spot with another one of their new songs from their latest release. After reigning for two weeks, "Made for Worship" slides to #2 to give way for the title track of the worship band's new album. Here's "Endless Praise" debuting at #1:

OPC Hits
March 16-22, 2014

1-1@11PlanetshakersEndless Praise
212@13PlanetshakersMade for Worship
3222Elevation WorshipMighty Warrior
4442Ingrid MichaelsonGirls Chase Boys
533@19Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
6662We Are in the CrowdManners
752@16Building 429Press On [feat. Blanca Callahan]
872@111SkilletNot Gonna Die
9882LordeGlory and Gore
10992MercyMeWishful Thinking
113@13LeAnn RimesGasoline and Matches [feat. Rob Thomas & Jeff Beck]
2222Marie Miller6'2
3332Michael BoggsWhat Would Jesus Undo
4-41Sponge ColaAnting-Anting [feat. Gloc-9 & Denise Barbacena]
5423Christina PerriI Don't Wanna Break
1-1@11Sponge ColaAnting-Anting [feat. Gloc-9 & Denise Barbacena]
212@13SabrinaAlmost Is Never Enough [feat. Myk Perez]
3326Sarah GeronimoTayo
442@110Angeline QuintoSana 2X
525@18Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin