Friday, October 31, 2014

Saturday TV: Treble, Travel, Tribal

So it's a Saturday and you are wondering what to watch on TV.
If you want to sing, race and survive, then this quick list is for you:

The Voice
AXN • Sat 12:05 pm
 Hit that treble!

The Amazing Race
AXN • Sat 8:10 pm
Let's go travel!

Jack TV • Sat 9:40 pm
You vote at tribal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Are Leo, "You're the Best Thing" [OPC Hits 102614]

Supernova sunrisers We Are Leo is back and they are on the best spot on this week's OPC Hits chart. From their new album Fightback Soundtrack, their current single talks how being saved by God and having Him always by your side is the best thing that could ever happen in life. Here's "You're the Best Thing" at #1 for the second consecutive week:

OPC Hits
October 26-November 1, 2014

112@12We Are LeoYou're the Best Thing
221@13Jeremy CampHe Knows
3323Carrie UnderwoodSomething in the Water
4442Big Daddy WeaveOverwhelmed
5-51Ryan CabreraHouse on Fire
6643Lindsay McCaulA Little
7-71Meghan TrainorLips Are Movin
8724LightsUp We Go
9882Lincoln BrewsterMade New
10992Dan BremnesBeautiful
112@12Fall Out BoyImmortals
2-21Nadine LustreBahala Na [feat. James Reid]
3222We Are LeoYours 4 Sure
4332YellowcardOne Bedroom
5442Jessie JMasterpiece

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ang Haircut ug Uban Pang Pakatawa

The Haircut

Teacher: Juan, taas na kaayo ka og buhok! Di ba giingnan na man ka nako nga magpa-haircut?
Juan: Mao na bitaw ni, Ma'am. Kung his cut, mubĂ´; Pero kung her cut... taas!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yellowcard, "One Bedroom" [OPC Hits 2014.10.19]

American pop-rock band Yellowcard is back and they debut this week on the OPC Hits chart. The guys best known for their previous hits "Ocean Avenue" and "Only One" this time gives us a song with a title not found in the lyric, ala "Unchained Melody." From the album Lift a Sail, here's "One Bedroom" bubbling under at #3:

OPC Hits
October 19-25, 2014

1-1@11We Are LeoYou're the Best Thing
211@12Jeremy CampHe Knows
3222Carrie UnderwoodSomething in the Water
4-41Big Daddy WeaveOverwhelmed
5332Fall Out BoyCenturies
6442Lindsay McCaulA Little
7623LightsUp We Go
8-81Lincoln BrewsterMade New
9-91Dan BremnesBeautiful
10-101Taylor SwiftOut of the Woods
1-1@11Fall Out BoyImmortals
2-21We Are LeoYours 4 Sure
3-31YellowcardOne Bedroom
4-41Jessie JMasterpiece
5-51LordeYellow Flicker Beat

Saturday, October 18, 2014

App We Go: Paint, Dots and Food!

Looking for some games to play on your device during a ten-minute break?
Here is OPC's quick list:

Epic Paint
Kuyi Mobile
For those who like
to group colors.

Two Dots
Betaworks One
For those who like
to connect the dots.

Yes Chef!
Halfbrick Studios
For those who like to
gather ingredients.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lights, "Up We Go" [OPC Hits 2014.10.12]

Lights is still singing "Up We Go" as she goes down from #2 to #6 on this week's OPC Hits. And remember guys: Nothing gives easy, easy gives nothing. Here's her acoustic performance on Z103.5:

OPC Hits
October 12-18, 2014

1-1@11Jeremy CampHe Knows
2-21Carrie UnderwoodSomething in the Water
3-31Fall Out BoyCenturies
4-41Lindsay McCaulA Little
513@14Victory WorshipRadical Love
6222LightsUp We Go
7332WeezerBack to the Shack
841@15Lincoln BrewsterOxygen
9-91One DirectionSteal My Girl
10525Maroon 5Animals
112@12Aloe BlaccHello World (The World Is Ours)
2-21UsherBelieve Me
3-31Adam LevineLost Stars
4-41LabrinthLet It Be
5-51Cobra StarshipNever Been in Love [feat. Icona Pop]

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clean Bandit, "Come Over" [OPC Hits 2014.10.05]

Earlier this year, he was "Extraordinary" on the OPC charts. Now, Clean Bandit has "Come Over" to bring the sun-sun-sun-sunshine. Here he is with Stylo G, debuting at #7 this week:

OPC Hits
October 5-11, 2014

113@13Victory WorshipRadical Love
2-21LightsUp We Go
3-31WeezerBack to the Shack
421@14Lincoln BrewsterOxygen
5324Maroon 5Animals
6-61Gorgon CityUnmissable [feat. Zak Abel]
7-71Clean BanditCome Over [feat. Stylo G]
8442Citizen WayEvidence
10744Taylor SwiftShake It Off
1-1@11Aloe BlaccHello World (The World Is Ours)
2-21Nick & KnightOne More Time
412@13Dara MacleanBlameless
521@14LifePoint MusicSoul on Fire
113@13Victory WorshipRadical Love
34313KylaDito na Lang
426@113Tony AlfonsoIntergalactic Gugma [with Kaye Dinauto]
552@18DelloAraw-Araw [feat. Jaq Dionisio]