Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Matthew West, "Do Something" [OPC Hits 2014.2.23]

It's a week with no new entries on the OPC charts, but there are some minor movements, including Kerrie Roberts who returns to the top spot to score her third non-consecutive week at #1 with "Time for the Show." Hanging on to the #4 spot is Matthew West, who came up big last year with "Hello, My Name Is." His third single from the album Into the Light, here's a live performance of "Do Something":

OPC Hits
February 23-March 1, 2014

123@16Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
212@13Building 429Press On (feat. Blanca Callahan)
332@18SkilletNot Gonna Die
4443Matthew WestDo Something
5553DJ CassidyCalling All Hearts (feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J)
6665R5(I Can't) Forget About You
771@14NewsboysWe Believe
8-24Lucy HaleYou Sound Good to Me
9854ParamoreAin't It Fun
10945Phillips, Craig & DeanTell Your Heart to Beat Again
121@12Paolo NutiniScream (Funk My Life Up)
2323Icona PopJust Another Night
312@13Sarah GeronimoTayo
4433KelisJerk Ribs
551@15Jamie GraceReady to Fly (Avery's Song)
115@15Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin
2223Sarah GeronimoTayo
332@17Angeline QuintoSana 2X
5545Missing FilemonMatahum nga Cebu

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kerrie Roberts, "Time for the Show" [OPC Hits 2014.2.16]

There is not much movement on the chart as Building 429 continues to "Press On" with Blanca Callahan at the top spot. Meanwhile, former #1 Kerrie Roberts once again takes the spotlight as she has finally posted to Youtube the video for her current single that tells us that everyday is an opportunity to show God's love, mercy and heart. She holds on to the #2 position on the Overall Picks this week with "Time for the Show":

OPC Hits
February 16-22, 2014

112@12Building 429Press On (feat. Blanca Callahan)
222@15Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
332@17SkilletNot Gonna Die
4442Matthew WestDo Something
5552DJ CassidyCalling All Hearts (feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J)
6764R5(I Can't) Forget About You
761@13NewsboysWe Believe
8953ParamoreAin't It Fun
91044Phillips, Craig & DeanTell Your Heart to Beat Again
10-33Josh WilsonPushing Back the Dark
112@12Sarah GeronimoTayo
2-21Paolo NutiniScream (Funk My Life Up)
3222Icona PopJust Another Night
4332KelisJerk Ribs
541@14Jamie GraceReady to Fly (Avery's Song)
114@14Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin
2222Sarah GeronimoTayo
332@16Angeline QuintoSana 2X
5544Missing FilemonMatahum nga Cebu

Sunday, February 16, 2014


What is cleanliness?
Cleanliness is a combination of two words that
mean one thing: clean in English, liness in Filipino.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Building 429, "Press On" [OPC Hits 2014.2.09]

Building 429 debuts at #1 on this week's OPC Hits chart. Featuring Group 1 Crew's Blanca Callahan, their new song talks about keeping the faith and continuing to move even when you are unable to understand or comprehend the circumstances. Originally titled "Wrecking Ball (Press On)," the band decided to drop the main title to prevent it from being associated with another song bearing the same name. This is a good move as the current title captures the message of the song more. Here's "Press On" performed live at the AIR1 Lounge:

OPC Hits
February 9-15, 2014

1-1@11Building 429Press On (feat. Blanca Callahan)
222@14Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
3102@16SkilletNot Gonna Die
4-41Matthew WestDo Something
5-51DJ CassidyCalling All Hearts (feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J)
611@12NewsboysWe Believe
7-63R5(I Can't) Forget About You
8323Lucy HaleYou Sound Good to Me
9552ParamoreAin't It Fun
10743Phillips, Craig & DeanTell Your Heart to Beat Again
1-1@11Sarah GeronimoTayo
2-21Icona PopJust Another Night
3-31KelisJerk Ribs
421@13Jamie GraceReady to Fly (Avery's Song)
5423AnberlinDead American
113@13Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin
2-21Sarah GeronimoTayo
322@15Angeline QuintoSana 2X
5443Missing FilemonMatahum nga Cebu