Sunday, December 31, 2017

OPC Praise 40 of 2017

Before we go full throttle into 2018, we have one more year-end chart here on this blog, this time covering the Top 40 Praise & Worship and CCM tracks of the year. This is still still based on my weekly tallies, personal favorites, and Spotify rankings ("Your Top Songs 2017").

Husband and wife duo Grayson Reed might have fallen short on our Pop 40 chart, but they secure the top spot in our Praise 40 of 2017! Their second single from their album Walk has a very powerful message  that God can and will use the rain in your life to make you "Bloom"!

Zach Williams, Kerrie Roberts, Mandisa improve from their respective 2016 finishes with their 2017 offerings which take second to fourth places. Newcomer Consumed by Fire rounds up the Top 5 with "I Need You God." For the rest of the entries, check out the list and give it a listen by playing the Spotify playlist embedded below.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

OPC Pop 40 of 2017

We have our second year-end chart on this blog and it's the OPC Pop 40 of 2017. These are the Top 40 pop hits of the year based on the weekly tallies, personal favorites, and Spotify rankings ("Your Top Songs 2017").

This year, we have a returnee at #1! Wisconsin-based band We Are Leo topped our 2012 year-end chart with "Supernova Sunrise." Five years later, the sun has set but the moon rises, and they walk on it on their way to becoming our annual kings again with their new track called "Astronaut"! Talk about celestial-themed songs, huh? The song from their third album The Rush and The Roar which stayed at #1 for six weeks, closely edging out Grayson Reed's "Fight for You" and the #1 OPM track "Isang Daang Habangbuhay" by Yassi Pressman.

The chart also features some tracks that you might not find in other year-enders: My favorite rock band Skillet with the loud track "I Want to Live" at #7, Fifth Harmony's "Can You See" (from the original soundtrack of The Star) at #10, Jamie Grace's "The Happy Song" at #11, Owl City's "All My Friends" at #15, and the Blessid Union of Souls' "Get Along" at #22 among others. Now is the perfect time to discover these tracks by checking them out on the Spotify playlist embedded below.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Top OPM Tracks of 2017

There might not have been weekly charts on this blog for 2017, but OPC has still been keeping tab of the latest tunes in town. And once again, it's time to look back at the songs that reigned supreme on this side of the web. We'll also be dishing out this year's Praise 40 and Pop 40 lists, but first up, it's our Top OPM Tracks of 2017. This is based on the OPC weeklies (yes, we still have those, we just don't publish anymore), personal favorites, and my top streamed songs on Spotify ("Your Top Songs 2017").

Friday, September 15, 2017

Yassi Pressman, "Isang Daang Habangbuhay"

​Yassi Pressman has just released her latest single, "Isang Daang Habangbuhay."

When I first heard it, it didn't meet my expectations. I was anticipating a bouncy track, similar to her previous songs. But no, this one's really slow, even making me complain that a song about a hundred lifetimes shouldn't be a sad song! As I listened to the song more and more though, and having already paid closer attention to the lyrics, it grew on me.

It's not a sad song at all. It's a beautiful, sweet, intimate, heart-felt piece of music that Yassi sings flawlessly. And when I said I was awaiting for a danceable track, it actually is! It's the perfect song to slow dance to with the one you love. Isn't that right, my Godsend Debbie? (I've already taken her to dance to this track one evening.)

If you are planning your wedding, you should definitely dance to this song for your first dance! Considering "A Thousand Years"? That song may have been already overused. This one's fresh and even better. A thousand lifetimes is even longer than a thousand years! (Life expectancy in the Philippines is at 68.5, so a hundred lifetimes is about 6,850 years.)

Oftentimes, when I really like a song, I play it on repeat. Officially, this is the first OPM song that I've played on loop. So yes, it's that great! Looking back to the first time I heard it, I realized that it didn't meet my expectations at all, it has come to exceed it.

"Isang Daang Habangbuhay" is now available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms. Stream it, download it legally, and support OPM!

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Remember what you've learned;
And learn from what you remember.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Breaking News: Tulisan Arrested

An alleged robber targetting lonely victims was finally nabbed by authorities in Cebu City yesterday afternoon. According to the suspect, he needed some money but couldn't borrow from his friends. He then turned on the radio and decided to rob people who looked sad and alone after hearing Air Supply's "Tulis Lonely People in the World."

In related news, the DJ who played the song has been summoned by the police to shed some light on the matter. The DJ says he only played the song because it was a request. The police is now having a manhunt to capture the texter who requested for the track.

The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas has advised their member stations to ban the said song in order to prevent more crimes of this nature. Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor Tomas OsmeƱa has ordered the closure of the station which played the song. The station is owned by Henry Sy, who also owns SM and BDO.

Note: Obviously, this is a satire piece, or #FakeNews, as what they are called these days.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Crazy Horoscopes: EDSA Edition

The People Power anniversary is on Saturday, so the question is: What does EDSA mean to you? Well, find out as David Dash gives you this edition of Crazy Horoscopes!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Simple Plan, "Perfectly Perfect" [OPC Hits 2017.2.19]

Canadian rock band Simple Plan continues to stay strong in the OPC chart this week. They already had a song called "Perfect" in 2003, which is basically asking an apology from dad for not being perfect. This time, it's on a happier note, a song for a loved one telling her that she's "Perfectly Perfect." The former #1 track, now the current longest staying entry on the chart, is still at #2 on its seventh week in our Popsounds tally:

OPC Hits
February 19-25, 2017

112@12Nick FradianiLove Is Blind
221@17Simple PlanPerfectly Perfect
3333Marian HillDown
4-41Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm [feat. Skip Marley]
561@14StarleyCall on Me
6442QuestWalang Hanggan
751@13Hey Joe ShowMy Morena Girl
8-81Ariana GrandeBeauty and the Beast [feat. John Legend]
9772NickelbackFeed the Machine
10882Ariana GrandeEveryday [feat. Future]
141@12Jasmine MurrayFearless
2322Chris TomlinHome
312@13Awaken GenerationI Have a Song
4-41Hillsong UnitedHeaven Knows
6222Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
7552KutlessKing of My Heart
8733Reba McEntireBack to God
9623Tauren WellsHills and Valleys
10853Jonny DiazJoy
112@12QuestWalang Hanggan
221@13Hey Joe ShowMy Morena Girl
3-31JurisA Love to Last a Lifetime
4-41Sarah GeronimoKaibigan Mo [feat. Yeng Constantino]
531@14Parokya ni EdgarFriendzone Mo Mukha Mo

Monday, February 13, 2017

Crazy Horoscopes: Valentine's 2017

The David Dash Podcast presents Crazy Horoscopes: Valentine Good News Bad News Edition! Find out what fortune awaits your horoscope on Cupid's holiday.


Nick Fradiani, "Love Is Blind" [OPC Hits 2017.2.12]

The second to last American Idol is our latest chart-topper here on OPC. Nick Fradiani joined America’s Got Talent with his band, but it was in Idol where he made it to the end and won. And much like his competition history, he first appeared briefly in our charts last year with “All on You,” but it’s his second attempt that puts him on top. Here’s “Love Is Blind” (perfect for Valentine’s week, don’t you think?) debuting at #1.

OPC Hits
February 12-18, 2017

1-1@11Nick FradianiLove Is Blind
271@16Simple PlanPerfectly Perfect
3832Marian HillDown
4-41QuestWalang Hanggan
511@12Hey Joe ShowMy Morena Girl
621@13StarleyCall on Me
7-71NickelbackFeed the Machine
8-81Ariana GrandeEveryday [feat. Future]
9442One Ok RockAmerican Girls
10323James ArthurSafe Inside
112@12Awaken GenerationI Have a Song
2-21Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
3-31Chris TomlinHome
4-41Jasmine MurrayFearless
5-51KutlessKing of My Heart
6222Tauren WellsHills and Valleys
7332Reba McEntireBack to God
8552Jonny DiazJoy
9442Colton DixonAll That Matters
10662Kari JobeHeal Our Land
1-1@11QuestWalang Hanggan
211@12Hey Joe ShowMy Morena Girl
321@13Parokya ni EdgarFriendzone Mo Mukha Mo
432@15Rico BlancoSorry Naman

Thursday, January 12, 2017


So which "ponder" are you: English or Bisaya?