Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OPC Hits: Daiki Ise, "Nanja Monja Ninja Matsuri"

Non-English and non-Pinoy tracks rarely appear on the OPC Hits charts, but occasionally there are some really catchy tracks that make it to the list (Girls' Generation comes to mind for K-Pop). One of these really catchy tracks is the closing theme to the current Super Sentai series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. It follows the footsteps of another Japanese track and Sentai theme song, Hideaki Takatori's "Minna Atsumare Kyoryuger," which became an OPC10 Overall Pick more than two years ago. Here's Daiki Ise's "Nanja Monja Ninja Matsuri" (translated as "What's That?! A Ninja Festival!") at #7 this week:

OPC Hits
May 24-30, 2015

1-1@11Owl CityVerge [feat. Aloe Blacc]
215@16Avril LavigneFly
3-31Taylor SwiftBad Blood [feat. Kendrick Lamar]
4223Ed SheeranPhotograph
5933Britney SpearsPretty Girls [with Iggy Azalea]
6-61LenkaBlue Skies
7662Daiki IseNanja Monja Ninja Matsuri
8-81Calvin HarrisPray to God [feat. Haim]
9325Wiz KhalifaSee You Again [feat. Charlie Puth]
10552Years & YearsShine
2-21Josh WilsonThat Was Then, This Is Now
3222Building 429Impossible
4333Hawk NelsonSold Out
5423Audio AdrenalineMiracles
6552NFI'll Keep On [feat. Jeremiah Carlson]
7662Meghan LinseyAmazing Grace
8772PassionEven So Come [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
9825Finding FavourCast My Cares
10935Jon GuerraNothing Better
112@12Nadine LustreMe & You
221@13Kim ChiuMr. Right
337@110James ReidHanap-Hanap [feat. Nadine Lustre]
4425PeryodikoTayo Lang ang May Alam
5536Never the StrangersSabay

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Tried So Hard

Cue in this song, or perhaps this song.

Seeing this sign made me amused! A testament of how fun-loving this place is while providing quality, industry-standard computing education. Can you guess where?

Monday, May 18, 2015

OPC Hits: Wiz Khalifa f/ Charlie Puth, "See You Again"

After falling from #2 to #6 last week, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth bounce back this week. Amidst the sea of new entries (highlighted by Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" featuring Kid Ink at #4 and Daisi Ise's "Nanja Monja Ninja Matsuri" at #6), their collaboration from the movie Furious 7 climbs back three spots, right in the middle of the upper half of the chart. Here's "See You Again" at #3:

OPC Hits
May 17-23, 2015

115@15Avril LavigneFly
2222Ed SheeranPhotograph
3624Wiz KhalifaSee You Again [feat. Charlie Puth]
4-41Fifth HarmonyWorth It [feat. Kid Ink]
5-51Years & YearsShine
6-61Daiki IseNanja Monja Ninja Matsuri
7-71Nadine LustreMe & You
8-81PitbullFun [feat. Chris Brown]
9332Britney SpearsPretty Girls [with Iggy Azalea]
10442Neon TreesSongs I Can't Listen To
2-21Building 429Impossible
3332Hawk NelsonSold Out
4222Audio AdrenalineMiracles
5-51NFI'll Keep On [feat. Jeremiah Carlson]
6-61Meghan LinseyAmazing Grace
7-71PassionEven So Come [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
8424Finding FavourCast My Cares
9534Jon GuerraNothing Better
1061@15Laura StoryTill I Met You
1-1@11Nadine LustreMe & You
211@12Kim ChiuMr. Right
327@19James ReidHanap-Hanap [feat. Nadine Lustre]
4324PeryodikoTayo Lang ang May Alam
5435Never the StrangersSabay

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#DavidDASHensei April Digest

It's once again time to recap all the featured Japanese words in #DavidDASHensei's Word of the Day and add them into your everyday vocabulary. Learn and have fun in this latest digest for the month of April:
  • KOCHIRA, this
    To use in a sentence: Kochira wa enpitsu desu.
    Translation: This is a pencil.

    To use in other sentences:
    1. Sa buntag, ako abri tindahan. Sa gabii, a-KOCHIRA tindahan!
    2. Noon, a-KOCHIRA China, Ngayon, a-KOCHIRA Philippines.
    3. Sakit kung bunal, pero di kaayo sakit kung KOCHIRA.
    4. Puro na lang lagi ni tinidor, nganong wala na may KOCHIRA?! [1]
    5. Kung lalaki, kutsero. Kung babaye, KOCHIRA. [2]

    To use in a song:
    KOCHIRA chira, whatever will be, will be,
    The future is ours to see, KOCHIRA chira. [3]