Monday, January 27, 2014

Lucy Hale, "You Sound Good to Me" [OPC Hits 012714]

Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame has crossed over from acting to singing. And this week, she leads five new entries on our main OPC Hits chart. Here she is with her debut single, "You Sound Good to Me," which enters the Overall Picks listing at #2:

OPC Hits
January 26-February 1, 2014

112@12Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
2-21Lucy HaleYou Sound Good to Me
3-31Josh WilsonPushing Back the Dark
4-41Phillips, Craig & DeanTell Your Heart to Beat Again
5-51Nine LashesBreak the World
6634BoyzoneLove Will Save the Day
7-71Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin
8222ShakiraCan't Remember to Forget You (feat. Rihanna)
932@14SkilletNot Gonna Die
10424Demi LovatoLet It Go
1-1@11Jamie GraceReady to Fly (Avery's Song)
2-21AnberlinDead American
3-31Charlene SoraiaThe Caging
4-41KwabsWrong or Right
5-51Missing FilemonMatahum nga Cebu
1-1@11Angeline QuintoHanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin
212@13Angeline QuintoSana 2X
4-41Missing FilemonMatahum nga Cebu
5324Bea BineneDito sa Puso Ko

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

R5, "(I Can't) Forget About You" [OPC Hits 2014.1.19]

Kerrie Roberts is back at the forefront of the OPC music charts as she unleashes her current single "Time for the Show" from the album of the same name. Meanwhile, American pop-rock band R5, composed of Riker, Rocky, Ross, Rydel and Ratliff, drops two spots after debuting last week. Here's "(I Can't) Forget About You" which is currently at #8:

OPC Hits
January 19-25, 2014

1-1@11Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
2-21ShakiraCan't Remember to Forget You (feat. Rihanna)
312@13SkilletNot Gonna Die
4223Demi LovatoLet It Go
5442One: A Worship CollectiveWe Believe (feat. Kurtis Parks & Clayton Brooks)
6333BoyzoneLove Will Save the Day
7552Angeline QuintoSana 2X
8662R5(I Can't) Forget About You
10882Miley CyrusAdore You
112@12ZZ WardLast Love Song
2322Shaylee SimeoneYou Don't Remember
3432Keiko NecesarioWish
4222Hillsong UnitedOceans (Where Feet May Fail)
5552Ellie GouldingGoodness Gracious
112@12Angeline QuintoSana 2X
3323Bea BineneDito sa Puso Ko
4442Keiko NecesarioWish
5552Missing FilemonSikat sa Baylehan

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Auto-Sync PC Date & Time with Neutron

Scenario: When you plug your PC to the power supply and boot it up, you encounter a CMOS checksum error. Even replacing the CMOS battery yields the same result. As a consequence of this, the date and time on your computer always gets reset to its default. You may leave it as it is, but doing so might cause your anti-virus program and website certificates to go crazy. So what you do is set the date and time correctly every time.

Solution: Here comes Neutron, a very simple and light-weight program (only 6.6 KB!) that syncs your computer's time with specialized time servers online. Download it from, install it, open the program, check Auto sync at program startup and Exit after time has been synced, add it on your Windows startup, and watch it automatically set the date and time the next time you boot up your PC. With Neutron, you no longer need to set the date and time manually. All you need is an active internet connection to let it do its job amazingly.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Boyzone, "Love Will Save the Day" [OPC Hits 2014.1.12]

Half of last week's Overall Picks get replaced with new ones, but Skillet stays strong at #1 for the second week in a row. The band's not gonna die, and they're not going down yet as well. Meanwhile, up one spot into the Top 3 is Irish boyband Boyzone, who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary as a group. Just last year, they earned more than $7.5 million as they performed to a sell-out crowd of 122,000 in only nineteen concert dates. From the album BZ20, here's "Love Will Save the Day" which is currently at third place on the OPC Hits this week:

OPC Hits
January 12-18, 2013

112@12SkilletNot Gonna Die
2222Demi LovatoLet It Go
3432BoyzoneLove Will Save the Day
4-41One: A Worship CollectiveWe Believe (feat. Kurtis Parks & Clayton Brooks)
5-51Angeline QuintoSana 2X
6-61R5(I Can't) Forget About You
8-81Miley CyrusAdore You
9-91SwitchfootLove Alone Is Worth the Fight
10552Imagine DragonsOn Top of the World
1-1@11ZZ WardLast Love Song
2-21Hillsong UnitedOceans (Where Feet May Fail)
3-31Shaylee SimeoneYou Don't Remember
4-41Keiko NecesarioWish
5-51Ellie GouldingGoodness Gracious
1-1@11Angeline QuintoSana 2X
3222Bea BineneDito sa Puso Ko
4-41Keiko NecesarioWish
5-51Missing FilemonSikat sa Baylehan