Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Becky G, "Break a Sweat" [OPC Hits 2015.10.25]

Rebecca Marie Gomez, popularly known as Becky G, previously had a taste of the top spot three years ago when she was featured in Cher Lloyd's "Oath," but barely broke the plane with her previous single "Lovin' So Hard" (only peaked at #10 for one week). Her new single is faring much better though: It peaked at #3 when it debuted, and is still hanging around this week. Here's "Break a Sweat" at #7:

OPC Hits
October 25-31, 2015

114@14Simple PlanBoom
2-21One DirectionPerfect
4223Maroon 5Feelings
5333AudienSomething Better [feat. Lady Antebellum]
6442The VampsWake Up
7533Becky GBreak a Sweat
8643Demi LovatoConfident
9753Selena GomezSame Old Love
10824The Band PerryLive Forever
1-1@11Chris TomlinGood Good Father
213@14Building 429Ocean Deep
3222Jason GrayGlow in the Dark
4332Matthew WestGrace Wins
541@15Jonny DiazEnough in You
6543Gateway WorshipWhatever You Want [feat. Cody Carnes]
7625All Things NewBelieve
8753Satellites & SirensWildfire
981@16Matt MaherDeliverer
10926Jonny DiazBreathe
1-1@11GracenoteI Will Wait [feat. Lara Serena]
322@18Kurt FickHahahahasula [feat. Paola San Diego]
452@111Sponge ColaIyong Iyong Iyo
541@15MayonnaiseTayo na Lang Dalawa

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Look Beautiful vs. Feel Beautiful

It's not how beautiful you look, it's how beautiful you feel.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Vamps, "Wake Up" [OPC Hits 2015.10.18]

All they want to be, all they ever want to be is somebody to you. But Cecilia broke their hearts. That's a perfect recipe of a bad dream for The Vamps, but thankfully, they were able to "Wake Up" from the nightmare to a new day with new hope. They debut at #4 on this week's OPC charts:

OPC Hits
March 18-24, 2015

113@13Simple PlanBoom
2722Maroon 5Feelings
3632AudienSomething Better [feat. Lady Antebellum]
4-41The VampsWake Up
5332Becky GBreak a Sweat
6442Demi LovatoConfident
7552Selena GomezSame Old Love
8223The Band PerryLive Forever
9-91DrakeHotline Bling
10-101AlessoSweet Escape [feat. Sirena]
113@13Building 429Ocean Deep
2-21Jason GrayGlow in the Dark
3-31Matthew WestGrace Wins
421@14Jonny DiazEnough in You
5442Gateway WorshipWhatever You Want [feat. Cody Carnes]
6324All Things NewBelieve
7552Satellites & SirensWildfire
871@15Matt MaherDeliverer
9825Jonny DiazBreathe
10664Gateway WorshipGrace That Won't Let Go [Acoustic]
242@17Kurt FickHahahahasula [feat. Paola San Diego]
312@13Julie Anne San JoseNot Impressed [feat. Nitty Scott]
431@14MayonnaiseTayo na Lang Dalawa
552@110Sponge ColaIyong Iyong Iyo

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Band Perry, "Live Forever" [OPC Hits 2015.10.11]

The Band Perry has gone the complete opposite of their 2010 hit "If I Die Young." No longer thinking about leaving this world early, they now want to "Live Forever," and they occupy the #2 spot for the second straight week on this week's OPC Hits chart:

OPC Hits
October 11-17, 2015

112@12Simple PlanBoom
2222The Band PerryLive Forever
3-31Becky GBreak a Sweat
4-41Demi LovatoConfident
5-51Selena GomezSame Old Love
6-61AudienSomething Better [feat. Lady Antebellum]
7-71Maroon 5Feelings
8-81Marit LarsenTraveling Alone
9442Fifth HarmonyI'm in Love with a Monster
1082@17Owl CityUnbelievable [feat. Hanson]
112@12Building 429Ocean Deep
221@13Jonny DiazEnough in You
3323All Things NewBelieve
4-41Gateway WorshipWhatever You Want [feat. Cody Carnes]
5-51Satellites & SirensWildfire
6763Gateway WorshipGrace That Won't Let Go [Acoustic]
741@14Matt MaherDeliverer
8524Jonny DiazBreathe
9634Ghost ShipLook What God Has Done
1091@15The AftersLive on Forever
112@12Julie Anne San JoseNot Impressed [feat. Nitty Scott]
2-21Yuan SalcedoHuling Tibok
321@13MayonnaiseTayo na Lang Dalawa
432@16Kurt FickHahahahasula [feat. Paola San Diego]
542@19Sponge ColaIyong Iyong Iyo