Friday, September 15, 2017

Yassi Pressman, "Isang Daang Habangbuhay"

​Yassi Pressman has just released her latest single, "Isang Daang Habangbuhay."

When I first heard it, it didn't meet my expectations. I was anticipating a bouncy track, similar to her previous songs. But no, this one's really slow, even making me complain that a song about a hundred lifetimes shouldn't be a sad song! As I listened to the song more and more though, and having already paid closer attention to the lyrics, it grew on me.

It's not a sad song at all. It's a beautiful, sweet, intimate, heart-felt piece of music that Yassi sings flawlessly. And when I said I was awaiting for a danceable track, it actually is! It's the perfect song to slow dance to with the one you love. Isn't that right, my Godsend Debbie? (I've already taken her to dance to this track one evening.)

If you are planning your wedding, you should definitely dance to this song for your first dance! Considering "A Thousand Years"? That song may have been already overused. This one's fresh and even better. A thousand lifetimes is even longer than a thousand years! (Life expectancy in the Philippines is at 68.5, so a hundred lifetimes is about 6,850 years.)

Oftentimes, when I really like a song, I play it on repeat. Officially, this is the first OPM song that I've played on loop. So yes, it's that great! Looking back to the first time I heard it, I realized that it didn't meet my expectations at all, it has come to exceed it.

"Isang Daang Habangbuhay" is now available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms. Stream it, download it legally, and support OPM!

Saturday, September 9, 2017