Thursday, November 26, 2015

So Refreshing

When my phone goes slow, it makes the conversation so refreshing!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stars Go Dim, "You Are Loved" [OPC Hits 2015.11.22]

Four years after they topped this blog's chart with "Hesitate," American pop rock band Stars Go Dim have returned to the OPC! Formed in late 2007, the band, now composed of Chris Cleveland, Michael Cleveland, Kyle Williams and Josh Roach, first came into consciousness with their track "Love Gone Mad." Now they are back with a song bearing a simple yet profound message, "You Are Loved."

OPC Hits
November 22-28, 2015

112@13DayaHide Away
222@14Simple PlanI Don't Want to Go to Bed
3332The CorrsBring on the Night
4-41CallalilyBitter Song [feat. Maychelle Baay]
5442ShaggyOnly Love [feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble]
6-61Tori KellyHollow [feat. Big Sean]
7-71Charlie PuthOne Call Away [Remix] [feat. Tyga]
8523Ariana GrandeFocus
9662Nico & VinzThat's How You Know [feat. Kid Ink & Baby Rexha]
1084@18Simple PlanBoom
2222Third DayYour Words [feat. Harvest]
3-31Victory WorshipEverlasting Glory
431@14Victory WorshipDance in Freedom [feat. Victor Asuncion]
5424Natalie GrantBe One
6552Stars Go DimYou Are Loved
7-71Celeste BettonSomething in the Water
8-81Emily Ann RobertsIn the Garden
9653For King & CountryIt's Not Over Yet
10734Hillsong WorshipOpen Heaven (River Wild)
1-1@11Victory WorshipEverlasting Glory
2-21CallalilyBitter Song [feat. Maychelle Baay]
313@14Victory WorshipDance in Freedom [feat. Victor Asuncion]
4-41Young JVFlashback [feat. Emmanuelle]
5223Zion AquinoLiwanag [feat. Yeng Constantino]

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When It Comes to Love

"You don't need a perfect 10. All you need is an 8.
Make it fall for you, so it becomes your forever!"

Monday, November 16, 2015

Daya, "Hide Away" [OPC Hits 2015.11.15]

Seventeen-year old Daya has single-handedly dethroned Simple Plan and Nelly from the top spot. A lady who discovered her passion for music at a very young age, she started to learn the piano at the age of three. And by the time she was eleven, she had also learned to play the guitar, ukulele and saxophone and flute. Fast forward six years later, she scores her breakthrough hit "Hide Away" which spends its first week at #1 on this week's OPC charts:

OPC Hits
November 15-21, 2015

131@12DayaHide Away
212@13Simple PlanI Don't Want to Go to Bed
3-31The CorrsBring on the Night
4-41ShaggyOnly Love [feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble]
5222Ariana GrandeFocus
6-61Nico & VinzThat's How You Know [feat. Kid Ink & Baby Rexha]
7-71EchosmithLet's Love
844@17Simple PlanBoom
9-91HalseyNew Americana
105335 Seconds of SummerHey Everybody!
2-21Third DayYour Words [feat. Harvest]
321@13Victory WorshipDance in Freedom [feat. Victor Asuncion]
4323Natalie GrantBe One
5-51Stars Go DimYou Are Loved
6552For King & CountryIt's Not Over Yet
7433Hillsong WorshipOpen Heaven (River Wild)
8662BlancaGreater Is He
971@14Chris TomlinGood Good Father
10863HollynAlone [feat. TRU]
113@13Victory WorshipDance in Freedom [feat. Victor Asuncion]
2222Zion AquinoLiwanag [feat. Yeng Constantino]
3323Victory WorshipRise Heart [feat. Isa Fabregas]
4-41Tippy Dos SantosSave Me From You
5-51Rico BlancoVideoke Queen