Monday, February 21, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island - EP01

A new season of Survivor is on! Here are my thoughts while watching the premiere episode of Survivor: Redemption Island:

Opening Scenes
  • Phillip, from the Ometepe Tribe, is labelled as "Former Federal Agent?" with the question mark in the end. What's up with that?
  • Matt, still from Ometepe, looks like Fabio, last season's sole survivor!
  • Zapatera, just like a nearby barangay!
  • Jeff Probst sitting at the back of the helicopter with his feet hanging in the air, that's gotta be a little scary!

Rob, Russell and Redemption Island

  • So Rob and Russell do not appear on the opening titles (maybe they still want to surprise those who don't know when they make their entrance later).
  • R&R (Rob and Russell), nor any other castaway, will not be having R&R (rest and recreation) while playing Survivor.
  • So Rob receives cheers while Russell gets some heads shaking.
  • Redemption Island! Just like Isla Purgatoryo from the Philippine version (but I didn't actually watch that on GMA).
  • So Jeff mentions that they are in Nicaragua. For a while, I thought this will not be revealed in-show, as it would become obvious that they are on the same location from last season.
  • Russell: "I'm not here to sabotage anything for nobody. If I came back and did something like that, it would be pretty stupid." Yup, right on that! But don't take his word for it!

Tribe Life

  • Mike to Ralph: "Your superhero nickname is Steel Wall." Sounds like something football-related, which reminds me of Coach Jimmy Johnson.
  • Kristina immediately looks for a clue to a hidden immunity idol (but didn't find one).
  • So Russell's tribemates are closely watching him, and they know his style!
  • Though there wasn't any clue, Kristina finds a hidden immunity idol. So she's got the Russell Factor! Makes me wonder why Russell's not searching for it this time around on the other tribe.
  • The hidden immunity idols (HII) being found so easily seems to be getting old already. Maybe the producers should consider making it more difficult to find next time. Otherwise, they should just probably retire the HIIs altogether.

Immunity Challenge

  • Ometepe is falling behind in the challenge. They got 4 men and 5 women. Zapatera's got 5 men and 4 women. Could that have been a factor?
  • Zapatera's logo seems to be that of a dinosaur (or a lizard or reptile), while that of Ometepe's seems to be a bird.
  • Jeff: "Zapatera had a gigantic lead. And it is gone!" C'mon Ometepe, give me a come from behind win! Oh well, didn't happen.

Post-Challenge and Tribal Council

  • Rob and Russell don't have a "description" appearing beside their names. Cool! They don't need it anyway. Are they the only ones to get such distinction so far? I guess so.
  • Good thing they're on a new tribal council set. I didn't dig the surrounding graveyard last season. Pun intended.
  • Jeff, did you just say asterick?! "Rob, a lot of talk about guys having a free pass. I would put an asterick next to your name." Shouldn't that be asterisk, or am I missing something?
  • Way to go, Phillip! Big reveal on Kristina's immunity idol.
  • Phillip not being able to pronounce Frencheska's name correctly seems quite funny.
  • And way to go, Boston Rob! Kristina shows Rob her immunity idol and even lets him hold it. Too bad he wasn't able to convince (or intimidate) her to give it to him.
  • Jeff: "This has been one of the most amazing tribal councils." We believe you, Jeff! We can see it on your face.
  • It was indeed a great tribal council! So long, Frencheska! See you at Redemption Island.

Note on this season's tribe names: Zapatera is a volcano while Ometepe is a two-volcano island in Nicaragua.

It's a nice first episode and this should be another interesting season of Survivor! Till the next episode! Survivor: Redemption Island airs on Jack TV every Thursday, via satellite at 5pm and primetime telecast at 10pm, with replays every Saturday, 8am.

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