Thursday, March 3, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island - EP02

Previously on Survivor

Eighteen castaways were flown to Nicaragua for an adventure of a lifetime. One is a questionable former federal agent, and one looks like last season’s sole survivor. Also, two of the most notable survivors return. A hidden immunity idol was immediately found.

Russell’s tribe won the immunity challenge, so Rob’s tribe had to go to tribal council. In the end, Frencheska was sent to Redemption Island, because Phillip had a difficult time pronouncing her name.

Seventeen are left. Who will join Frencheska on Redemption Island?

Back at Camp
  • Rob: "Government jobs... stressful!" Jack Bauer would most probably agree!
  • Rob and Russell finally appear on the opening credits.
  • Phillip versus the Crab! Let's cheer for the crab!
  • Matt is the official commentator for Phillip's crab hunting.
  • Phillip wins, he hit the crab with a stone. Oh well.
  • Ralph is the rooster at Zapatera!
  • Russell: "Three worked for me before, I believe it might just work for me again." I hope it doesn't.
  • Russell: "I'mma start looking for the idol without a clue today." Well, on the other tribe, Kristina found it last episode, Russell! You sure are slow.
  • Ralph, who according to Russell is the dumbest person to play Survivor, finds the hidden immunity idol without even looking for it! He surely ain't dumb now, is he, Russell?
  • Matt and Andrea being close threatens Rob! He says he's now considering to vote out Andrea "to keep the tribe strong," but he actually means "to keep my game strong."

Immunity Challenge
  • Phillip will outlast any man of the opposing tribe but not the women. Funny guy.
  • The demo video shows all 5 purple tiles broken. I just have a feeling that some of the footage they are using are from the actual challenge. So, maybe Zapatera will win this one.
  • Grant actually doesn't break the tile but was able to retrieve the key. I like how he paused and waited for Jeff's clearance that he's good before continuing to swim.
  • Lock-opener Natalie loses the lead for Ometepe.
  • Ball-tosser tile-breaker Phillip takes back the lead for Ometepe.
  • But Ralph is the sharper shooter of the two. Zapatera now leads.
  • Ometepe ties it up at 4 tiles, but Zapatera moves on to win immunity and reward.
  • Maybe it's just me, but the sound editing is letting me know about a second in advance that the challenge will be over.
  • I guessed the winner based on the demo video. I'll keep on observing in future episodes if it holds true. This wouldn't apply on all challenges though. My theory is that when the challenge involves something that can't be returned to its original state (like tiles being broken), they take the footage from the actual challenge. But of course, they'll be using a different camera shot so as not to make it obvious to the viewers. But if there would be no damage done to the props used, they'll just film the crew performing the demo. Reason for this is no other than cost-cutting! (Guys who Tivo the show in the US, you can prove this one!)
  • Matt just flagged himself for elimination by congratulating the winners.

A New Rivalry
  • Russell just retrieved the useless clue to the already found immunity idol.
  • Out of all the people who could catch Russell with the clue, it's Ralph! So I'm sensing some rivalry here.
  • With the confrontation, the duel between Ralph and Russell is officially on! And I'm not supporting the oiler. (It should be interesting if these two square off at Redemption Island.)

That Woman Is an Island (How to Keep Her Sane)
  • Over at Redemption Island, Frencheska gets her luxury item. Good for her, she needs it. It's gotta be lonely out there!

Mr. Congeniality?
  • Phillip: "I wanna say to all my fellow contestants..." Sounds like it's from a beauty pageant, ain't it?! I hope Phillip stays for a while, if only for the comic relief he brings.
  • Phillip or Coach? I choose Phillip. He better not let me down from now on!
  • Recapping: Matt and Andrea are becoming a duo, so Rob wants to break them apart by voting out Andrea. But because of Matt's post-challenge gesture, he's now got the target on his back. If it's any consolation, he's saving Andrea from being voted out.
  • Kristina will be using her idol tonight. If only she knew she wouldn't be the target, but she'll need to play it to be safe.
  • Rob is actually giving Matt credit. It's just that Rob is more experienced and wiser in the game of Survivor.
  • Matt: "Everyday, Rob impresses me." Let's see how impressed you'd get should he blindside you tonight.
  • Rob to Phillip: "When the time comes to vote, I'm gonna take my right hand and put it on the shoulder of the person I want you to vote for." Just like the kiss of Judas!
  • It's time for Phillip's acting skills later at tribal council.

How to Do a Kanye West
  • Last time, it was a revelation of Kristina and Frencheska's plan. This time, it's tattoo education courtesy of Phillip.
  • Matt: "There's a lot of uncertainty on this vote for some reason." If you got a target on your back, and you don't even know it, that's gotta be a reason for uncertainty.
  • The rest of the tribe smiles or laughs when Phillip mentions about meeting his nemesis at Redemption Island, but Kristina is not amused. I know the feeling.
  • I'd say Phillip is doing a good job overall on pretending that he really is gonna be the next to go!
  • There goes Rob's pat on the back of Kristina. Will Phillip follow orders like a former federal agent does from his superior?
  • Kristina didn't even wait for Jeff to finish his spiel.
    Jeff: "If anybody has a hidden imm..."
    Kristina: "Jeff, I'mma let you finish. But this necklace is one of the best immunity idols of all time!"
  • Matt can't believe it and Andrea is shocked! Well, it ain't the end yet. See you at Redemption Island, Matt!
  • Mission accomplished for Rob: Test Phillip on his allegiance - check. Flush out Kristina’s idol - check. Break the Matt-Andrea duo by voting out Matt - check.

Next Episode

Can Andrea avenge Matt for his ouster? Will her fury really cut Rob's throat? What blindside is Stephanie talking about? Does this mean Zapatera is going to Tribal Council? Who will win and continue to stay at Redemption Island? Let's all find out next week on Survivor!

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