Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mother

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! Here's an original tribute-to-mom song written by me, and performed by my cousin Marlou Morales. You can also hear his younger brother Marvin on the track. I'm featuring the extended version here, while you can watch the "standard" version with video on YouTube. Lyrics and download links when you "Read More."

Performed by Marlou Morales
Written by JP Cabrales

God's gift to me even 'fore I was born
When I'm with you I feel safe in the middle of the storm
You give me all that I need and a little bit more
You know what's best for me and I love you for sure

And I know I'll never live if it ain't for you
And I know it's tougher in this world without you

Chorus 1:
Dear mother, I love you
And I just wanna thank you (for everything you've done for me)
You are my guiding star
That's why I got this far
Now I know what's right from wrong
You also taught me to be strong
You're a blessing that God has sent from above
Dear mother, I thank you for your love

You've always been there for me and when I need you the most
For sacrifices you've made, yes you helped me grow
The person I've become now is because of you
And I appreciate all the things that you do

And I know that you got patience when I complain
And I know there are some times that I cause you pain, so

Chorus 2:
Dear mother, forgive me
And I just wanna say sorry (for every wrong I've done to you)
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to make you cry
But you listen and understand
You've even helped me stand
You're a blessing that God has sent from above
Dear mother, I thank you for your love

And you're the best mom in the world for me
I'm proud of you and I want the world to see
That you are a great mom, and I am your child
And this is my song of love for you

And I wanna thank the Lord for giving me a mother
Who cares for me unlike any other
You showed me the beauty of the world (hurray)
And you taught me the lessons that I learned (hurray)
And though at times I disobey, this is what I wanna say
Thank you and I love you everyday
I know that I should help and not give you a headache
From all the things you do, you deserve a break
And it's very right that I should be good (yeah)
And do things for you, I know that I could (yeah)
And to the Lord above, this has always been my prayer
That He'll continue to bless my dear mother

Repeat Chorus 1 twice
Repeat last 2 lines of Chorus twice

Download "Dear Mother" MP3
Download "Dear Mother" (Extended Version) MP3

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