Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alternate Way to Download Your Friendster Blog

Your problem: Friendster is closing, and you would like to export your Friendster blog to another platform. You successfully downloaded your pics and profile using Friendster Exporter, but the tool doesn't seem to work for your blog. (Or it might be that you can't wait for it to generate your XML, which I say takes too long.)

The solution: Do it the non-shortcut way, in six easy steps. Here's how:

  1. Once logged in, hover over Fun, and click on Blogs.

  2. Click on My Blog Home.

  3. Click on Manage.

  4. Click on Export.

  5. Choose among the Restrict Author options ("All Authors" is recommended), and click on Download Export File.

  6. Save the XML when the dialog box appears.

You can now upload/import the XML file to another blog service such as Wordpress (easier, it's in this format after all) or Blogger (more difficult).

If you choose the latter like me, here's a good place to start. The site mentions a 1 MB file limit but my 4.9 MB XML file was converted into a 5.2 MB Blogger-compatible file with no problems. All my 56 entries were processed when I gave it a try.

Remember, Friendster says that you got only until June 27 to do this, so you gotta act now if you want to still want to save your blog entries.

(Note: It seems only text are properly imported, the image sources will still point to its Friendster location. You can still see the images currently while they're still not taken down. Should you want to have these updated as well, you will have to re-upload and edit your blog entries before or after exporting.)

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