Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 20 on the Wishlist

Each year, the company that I work for has a Manito-Manita (or exchanging of gifts) during the Christmas Party. Prior to this, names are drawn by lots so one would know who to give his or her gift to. We also have a bulletin board where we could post our wishlists on. This will serve as a guide for the gift-giver on what to give.

Being the chart enthusiast that I am, I decided to tally up the wishes found on each one's list. With this, I bring to you the Top 20 Items on the Alliance Wishlist!

20 Blender (4)
I am surprised this actually ended up in the Top 20! More employees wish for a blender than cash or gift certificates.
19-15 Water bottleShirt, Action figure, Cap, Mouse (5)
Essential items, with the exception of action figures which is wished for by boys and even girls.
14-11 Wallet, Cellphone, Earplugs/headphones, Micro SD (6)
All these you can place on your pocket... Pocket-sized gifts are good!
10-7 Pillow, Shoes, Slippers/sandals, USB internet stick (7)
Whether you're surfing the internet, walking or sleeping, you want to do these in a convenient or comfortable way!
6 USB flash drive (8)
USB flash drives are still in, though I reckon there were more people who wished for these in the previous years.
5-4 Music player, Hard disk (10) 
3 Speaker (16)
For #5 to #3, these are mostly iPods, external hard disks with a high storage capacity, and X-Mini speakers. They'll need an extremely generous manito or manita. But who knows, they might just get their wish granted!
2 Book (21)
It's good to know that there a handful of employees who likes to read like me.
1 Bag (28)
Bags are the most wished-for item this Christmas on our list! Back packs, shoulder bags, laptop bags, travelling bags... Name it, it's most probably on the wishlist!

Notes: Items listed here are wished for by employees belonging to a software company. The minimum worth of the gifts is P300 and ideally, to keep it light on the gift-giver, the items on the wishlist should be at least close to the floor amount. This Top 20 was based on the 137 wishlists on our bulletin board as of the time the tally was made.

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  1. Haha nice one JP-Sama. I love reading posts like this because I am also a chart enthusiast. hihihi :D