Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Got Ink'd by Skullcandy

Now before you start thinking I got a tattoo, I’m actually talking about the Skullcandy Supreme Sound Ink'd In-Ear Buds that I won during our company Christmas party! So let me first say thank you to the generous mountain guides who gave this away.

The Skullcandy Ink'd is my first in-ear headphones. Having no comparison with other products of its kind, it impressed me with its crisp bass and clear audio quality. It's comfortable enough to wear, its flat wire doesn't really get tangled, and it also provides isolation from outside noise, so you can listen without much distraction.

What it doesn't have though is some inline volume control which would allow volume adjustment without accessing the music player/device itself. Also, be warned that having these plugged into your ears while at work would make it a little difficult for you to hear and communicate with co-workers. But let this not be a bad thing, since in other circumstances, it's perfect to have earphones that could make you tune out from your surroundings.

When Skullcandy labeled these earbuds with the words "supreme sound," they meant it. Priced at below P1,000 (here's its Amazon link), this is a very nice set of earphones to give, receive or buy for yourself.

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