Monday, September 9, 2013

Sergio Osmeña Day: How Would You Spend P50?

Today, September 9, is Sergio Osmeña Sr. Day, a local holiday for the entire province of Cebu. And earlier on the Morning Madness, since it's the day of the man on the P50 bill, I asked the listeners how they would spend this amount. Here were some of the answers:

JP: Some premium ice cream with Belgian chocolate. Oops, I forgot I'm lactose-intolerant! I'll settle with a P49 or P50 meal from the fastfood instead.

Debbie: Will save it for a shake that gets a free upsize every Thursday. I'll still have P5 change.

Mae: I will buy a litro pack of iced tea (P10) and two big bags of chips (around P20 each). Then have a movie marathon. It will be a great holiday.

Brian: Sing 10 songs on the karaoke! Try to get the perfect score of 100!

Mike: I will buy a toy worth P50 for my son. He will be happy with a P50 gift. But my wife, I will need more budget for her.

King: I will trade this holiday for Ninoy Aquino Day so I can get P500 instead of P50!

It's Sergio Osmeña Sr's 135th birth anniversary. Thanks to the "Grand Old Man" we have an extra day to our weekend. How about you? If you had a P50 budget, how would you spend it?

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