Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tale from a CD-R King Lady

(Overheard from a co-passenger on my jeepney home last night.)
A CD-R King sales lady was narrating her personal experience to her companions:

CD-R King Lady: Unsay ato, ma'am?
Woman: USB unya akoa, daigh!
CD-R King Lady: Unsa nga USB, ma'am?
Woman: Kay naa diay laing USB?!
CD-R King Lady: Naa! Naay flash drive, cable, suga, higot...

The woman reportedly walked away without buying.

Now I'm not sure what the CD-R King lady meant by "higot" but regardless, I guess this is a case of an all-knowing, superior-acting potential customer being shamed by the fact that she's wrong and that the saleslady knows better than her.

It may have been a lost sale, but maybe, just maybe, the woman came back to the store, made sure someone else served her, kept it low key that time around and bought the USB. (I assume it's a flash drive.)

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