Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Lesson learned: Eat slowly, especially when you are eating fish. No matter how hungry you are.

Not only would you enjoy your food's taste more and improve your digestion (read about it here), you also minimize the risk of having some mouth injuries caused by the food you eat.

I was starving during lunch last Monday that I carelessly hurried in having my stomach filled with the piniritong isda that I've brought from home. While I was chewing my meal, I felt some sharp fish bone pricking the side of my tongue, which I didn't actually give much thought about at the time.

I ate yesterday with minor but already noticeable discomfort, but it was today when the pricked part of my tongue has already swollen. Now, I'm having a difficult time eating! It's so painful that I can't really eat properly. Sometimes, I even feel pain when I talk.

For now, I'll have to choose foods that are soft; those which are easy to chew and swallow (therefore gentler to my punctured tongue). I've already requested mom to prepare some lugaw for tomorrow's breakfast. And I guess I'll also have to talk lesser than usual.

Lesson learned the hard way. I can only pray that this wound heals soon. But while it hasn't yet, if it's any consolation, I say this situation could certainly help me lose some weight. Or so I hope.

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