Friday, September 9, 2011

Snake Xenzia

Snake Xenzia is a built-in game featured on the Nokia X1-01. It is basically a colored refresh of the 3310's monochrome Snake II, which I enjoyed playing some years ago. This further reminds me of the 5110 and 3210's Snake where we've already deviced a strategy to achieve the maximum score of 2008.

Snake Xenzia has eight levels (unlike its predecessors, which have nine) and three game types:
  • classic,
  • modern - choose from five mazes available: box, tunnel, mill, rails, and apartment (six if you count the "no maze" option which is just the same as classic), and
  • campaign - where you advance to the next maze after your snake eats a certain amount of food (not really new to me, I've seen this one on the Snake EX2).

What's missing though is the 2-button control (at times, I would have preferred to press only the 1 and 9, or 3 and 7 buttons respectively, like I used to before) instead of using 2-4-6-8. Anyway, I've been playing with the classic game type and my highest score so far is at 4784. Now, I'm wishfully thinking I could play some Space Impact and Bantumi on this phone, too!

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