Saturday, February 18, 2012

SkyCable Cebu's New Channel Assignments

SkyCable Cebu has recently shuffled its channel assignments. Along with some channels being moved, there are also new additional channels now available. Here are what I would like to highlight in the current line-up, which took effect on February 15, 2012:

  • ABS-CBN moves from CH 10 to CH 2, while Studio 23 now occupies CH 10.
  • MYX moves from CH 46 to CH 39Gotta get used to this, and change my habit of automatically punching 4-6 on the remote control.
  • GMA News TV is moved to CH 17Usually, when channel surfing, I start from the lower-numbered channels up. I then stop at 30-ish where I would have stumbled on something to watch already. With GMA News TV getting a bump, I might find myself watching its interesting programs more frequently than before.
  • Aksyon TV is finally being carried by SkyCable Cebu at CH 71! This should have been done sooner since it has been available terrestrially for a while now, and cable companies are required to carry channels that are already on free TV. Anyhow, glad it's finally viewable without having to switch from cable to antenna.
  • The ABS-CBN News Channel is still not on SkyCable Select 280! With competing news channels like GMA News TV and Askyon TV on the rise, I suggest SkyCable/ABS-CBN also puts ANC as a basic channel without the additional P20 per month.
  • AXN is moved to CH 32I'll still be watching my favorite programs on this channel, no matter what channel number it is assigned to.
  • Solar Sports is transferred to CH 40And is now enabled on SkyCable Select 280!
  • New at CH 69: TeleNovela ChannelWill check this out as Jecoup of Forg Files writes the dubbing scripts for the soaps Madrasta and Las Dos.

With these changes, I'm definitely looking forward to watch some good programs on cable TV this year. Now, if only there's also at least one alternate music channel besides MYX, it'll even be better. So dear SkyCable, bring out Channel [V] and/or MTV please!

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  1. Yay thanks for the love for Telenovela Channel hehe :D