Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Jobseeker and the Coffee

A jobseeker applied for work at Company A and Company B. He passed the interviews of both companies, and soon, he was given their respective job offers. The offers were almost identical – salary, perks and privileges. But in one minor difference, Company A revealed that a small benefit that their employees can avail of is the discounted price of drinks from their vending machine – coffee costs only P1 per cup. Company B, on the other hand, allowed their employees to have unlimited drinks from their vending machine, for free!

Being the coffee lover that he is, not to mention he also loves everything that's free, he decided to take the job at Company B. On his first day, he learned some good news and bad news. The good news: The unlimited coffee is true. The bad news: On the vending machine, is a glaring notice, mentioning the bad effects of having too much coffee. As he also cared for his health, he made an effort to only consume two to three cups per day, which was still within the normal intake. It was far less than the unlimited cups he imagined, but at least he is able to save P2.00 to P3.00 daily.

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