Wednesday, April 30, 2014

OPC Special Chart: Top Summer Songs

The heat is on as it's summertime once again! And with the sun scorching our days, you might want to fill your playlists with these summer songs that might just make you feel really cool this season. Here are the top ten songs that OPC recommends for inclusion in your summer soundtrack:

10. Natasha Bedingfield, "Pocketful of Sunshine" (2008)

If you have a "Pocketful of Sunshine," you may probably want to save it for the rainy days. But if your pockets are empty, the summer time is the best time to fill them with sunshine.

9. Aaron Carter, "Surfin' USA" (1998)

This Beach Boys original was covered by Nick Carter's younger brother as part of his re-released self-titled debut album. At its peak, this song became a staple on Campus Radio Cebu's playlist and was constantly played by the DJs.

8. Atomic Kitten, "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)" (2002)

Originally performed by The Paragons in 1967, "The Tide Is High" has gotten a lot of cover versions, but this one by the "See Ya" girls gets the nod as it is the most successful cover since Blondie's version in 1980.

7. Ace of Base, "Cruel Summer" (1998)

Yet another cover makes it to the list, this time from the Swedish pop music group who made this song as a follow-up to their hit "Life Is a Flower." Well, the best way to make summer less cruel is to prepare some protection from the sun: sunblock, hats, shades, etc. Then, enjoy!

6. Swirl 360, "Candy in the Sun" (1998)

Twins Denny and Kenny Scott followed up their hit song "Hey Now Now" with this track at #6. And just a reminder: If you've got "Candy in the Sun," make sure they don't melt from the heat!

5. LFO, "Summer Girls" (1999)

Before the fell in love with the "Girl on TV," the Lyte Funkie Ones first sang about "Summer Girls." Back in the day, we knew some of the lyrics didn't make sense and were only there to rhyme, but we sang along to it anyway.

4. Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul, "Summer Paradise" (2011)

Mike Reno and Ann Wilson almost had paradise, while Phil Collins gets to have another day in paradise. This one gets the clincher: Simple Plan and Sean Paul has a whole summer season in paradise.

3. Avril Lavigne, "Bitchin' Summer"/"Sippin' on Sunshine" (2013)

Avril Lavigne's self-titled fifth studio album has a couple of summer songs. It would be nice if any of these two or both would be released as a single. And if the word bitchin' ain't too appropriate, perhaps "Beach This Summer" will do.

2. The Corrs, "Summer Sunshine" (2004)

While other songs only have sun or summer on their titles, this one's a sure-fire hit as the Irish siblings double-dosed on the keywords to make sure they get on this list!

1. Sheryl Crow, "Soak Up the Sun" (2002)

From the album C'mon, C'mon, Sheryl Crow tells us how we should approach the summer when the sun's heat is too much. All we need is the attitude to say: "Hey Mr. Sun, you are too hot today. I'll soak you up to make you cool down!"

How about you, what are your favorite songs for summer? What tunes do you sing or listen to during the hottest time of the year? Drop a comment to tell us what's playing on your music player before the current tag-init is over.

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