Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Ride

I was riding a jeepney to SM one day and out of boredom, observed my co-passengers: Four women, two ladies, two couples (boyfriend and girlfriend), a husband and a wife with their two kids (son and daughter), and another two ladies with a girl on their lap each. Now, I've got a question: How many people were in the jeepney?

Post your answers and let the world know how smart you are. I might just give away a prize. Hehe.

The original version of this blog entry was first posted at The Talkthrough with Johnny Talker on July 30, 2006.


  1. 4 women + 2 ladies + (2 couples x 2) + 4 (husband and a wife with their 2 kids) + another 2 ladies + JP TALKER + driver = 18

    All in all, there are 18 people in the jeepney. How can I claim my prize? ^_^

  2. Hi, Miss Vicki! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Your answer is wrong though. You still have a chance to make it right, before somebody else does. God bless!

  3. with deduction i can say that there are only 5 males in the jeepney including the driver and assuming there is no "conductor" or the driver has a conductora :-), that means 1 woman

    then i would say that there is 1 girlfriend, 1 wife, and 1 daughter assuming that one of the couples are you and debbei which means definitely she will not have a child on her lap so that leads to another pair of female maybe mother with a child sitting on her lap that add up to a total of:

    11 all in all

    hehehehe, kuyaw kaau managhap

  4. The answer is 20. Here's why:

    4 women
    2 ladies
    2 couples
    1 husband & 1 wife with 1 son & 1 daughter
    2 ladies with 2 on each of their lap
    You...the narrator
    And the Driver

  5. That's correct, OhYeah! I will be contacting you privately for your prize. Congratulations! :)