Thursday, December 4, 2014

Istambay sa Tindahan

Long before GMA's Bubble Gang made their "Istambay sa Looban" skit famous, ABS-CBN's Super Laff-In already had their take on the old Cebuano tune that talks about things that one should really rather not do. I googled for some background info about the original song, and I found out that Max Surban included this tune in one of his medleys, and that there are varying lyrics on the buakon part. Here are the lyrics and the guitar chords (I ciphered it myself!) to the original "Istambay sa Tindahan" as well as the Super Laff-In version. Enjoy!


Istambay, istambay sa tindahan
Mangutang, mangutang og tubâ
       F                Bb
Kung dili, kung dili pautangon
   F       C           F
Buakon, buakon ang garapon.


Istambay, istambay sa Megamall
Mangutang, credit card ang gamitin
      F                 Bb
Kung ayaw, kung ayaw pautangin
      F          C              F
Ang gawin, ang gawin mag-shoplifting. 

Reminders: While you may sing this song for fun, never ever shoplift. This blog also discourages you from utang, drinking too much tubâ, and being swipe-happy with your credit card. In addition, don't break 'em jars if the store refuses to let you take anything without cash payment. The lyrics and chords are only provided for entertainment purposes.

The lyrics and chords of "Istambay sa Tindahan" (both versions) were first posted on March 4, 2007 at 359 Degrees, this blogger's defunct Yahoo! 360° blog.

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