Sunday, November 20, 2011

P100 Load on My 100th Post

Since it's my 100th post here on OPC, it's contest time! Up for grabs: P100 worth of cellphone load! I know it's not a lot, but it could still definitely help on your daily or weekly prepaid load budget. Just answer the question:

What was the #1 song on the SoundSessions Top Picks
six years ago (November 2005)?

  1. Post your answer as a tweet on Twitter or as a status update on Facebook or Google+ in the following format:
    My answer: <title of the song>. Check out the question and have a chance to win P100 load at One Pebble Cab!
  2. Make sure your answer is publicly visible.
  3. Post the link (URL) to your answer as a comment to this blog entry.
    Note: You will be required to use your Google Account when you post a comment. Do not include your cellphone number.
  4. Only one answer per person is allowed.
If you got the correct answer, then you're on your way to win! If nobody gets the correct answer, then I'll just have to raffle off a couple of minor load prizes. You have until November 28, 2011, Monday to qualify for this giveaway.
Getting it right maybe initially difficult, but once you've figured it out, you'll probably even say it's easy. So better do some digging and make some intelligent guessing because the P100 load is just waiting to be yours! 

Winner will be contacted on how the load shall be credited. Contest is available only to prepaid subscribers of Smart, Talk n' Text, Red Mobile, Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular. OPC reserves the right to modify mechanics as deemed necessary. In case of any inconsistencies, the decision of the blog author shall be considered final.

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