Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm a Dirham, Not a Peso!

Seems like I’ve become a magnet of foreign coins lately. Last week, I posted about the 100 won (South Korean coin) that was in my possession, and now, I have this 50 dirham coin, a denomination in the State of Qatar. And I got it in exactly the same way as the previous one.

The driver gave me my change, I counted it and the amount was correct. But I didn’t really examine each coin that I got. I just assumed the Qatari coin was just another piso since they are about the same size. I was gonna use it as fare for my next jeepney ride when I noticed. 

So I kept it, checked and found out that it’s actually equivalent to P5.75! I thought I had a peso, but it turns out it’s worth more. Again. Well, I’m not complaining!

The dirham is a subunit of the riyal, the currency of Qatar. 100 dirham is equal to one riyal, much like 100 centavos is equal to one peso.

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