Monday, July 30, 2012

Pebble Bytes

12:51. I’m speculating that Krissy’s watch was broken when she wrote this song. She and Ericka sing "it's twelve fifty-one" on the first chorus, but if it was exactly 12:51:00 at that time, it would already be 12:52:12 on the second chorus, but they still say "twelve fifty-one"!

One Tab. If a trusted brand calls their tablet One Tab, I'd probably buy it. It would feel like they named it after my Cebuano moniker, Juan Tabian. On second thought, since they named their device after me, maybe they should give me one for free!

Basketball. I used to play basketball when I was in elementary. I wasn’t the best but I say I was competitive enough. But then, I stopped when I was in high school. It was during this time that my playmates started to grow tall... and I did not.

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