Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Fave Family Computer Sports Games

When I was a kid, the Nintendo Family Computer was the popular video game console. I spent hours and hours playing, and it certainly was one of the ways I enjoyed my childhood. Here were (and still are) my favorite sports games on this cartridge-based game system:

Double Dribble

I’ve been a basketball fan since I was a little child, so naturally, this became one of my must-play games. I continuously practiced until I’ve mastered shooting on the sure-shot spots, applying very good defense and winning every match against the Level III computer opponent. The only thing I wasn’t able to be very good at is my free-throw shooting.

Super Spike V’Ball

2-on-2 beach volleyball is what this game is all about. It’s fun and I found myself playing for a lot of hours trying to beat a very powerful team on the later stages. I was able to beat them on some occasions, but I didn’t really gain the skill to defeat them consistently.

Ice Ice Hockey Challenge

Although even up to now, I haven’t even watched the actual sport, this video game has already given me an idea of how tough and physical hockey could be. What’s notable about this game are the players who have distinguished looks, and they even have names!

Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club Soccer Edition

I played the Japanese version of this game (there’s a US version called Nintendo World Cup). The story sequences are cool, and I appreciate how humor was also injected in the game (check the halftime locker room scene). And oh, it actually features the same faces (some, if not all) as the hockey game mentioned above. 

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