Thursday, January 16, 2014

Auto-Sync PC Date & Time with Neutron

Scenario: When you plug your PC to the power supply and boot it up, you encounter a CMOS checksum error. Even replacing the CMOS battery yields the same result. As a consequence of this, the date and time on your computer always gets reset to its default. You may leave it as it is, but doing so might cause your anti-virus program and website certificates to go crazy. So what you do is set the date and time correctly every time.

Solution: Here comes Neutron, a very simple and light-weight program (only 6.6 KB!) that syncs your computer's time with specialized time servers online. Download it from, install it, open the program, check Auto sync at program startup and Exit after time has been synced, add it on your Windows startup, and watch it automatically set the date and time the next time you boot up your PC. With Neutron, you no longer need to set the date and time manually. All you need is an active internet connection to let it do its job amazingly.

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