Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OPC Top 10 Pinoy Songs of 2013

Happy new year, everyone! Here at OPC, we welcome 2014 by looking back at the past year's top hits, starting off with the Top 10 Pinoy Songs of 2013. Half of those which made it came from songwriting competitions (three from Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs and one each from Vispop and Philpop), and after going missing in the previous year-ender, Yeng Constantino returns with a vengeance, occupying three spots in this edition. Meanwhile, Quest continues his dominance which he started in the 2012 yearend chart as he went to #1 with "Sige Lang." Now, he's still on top with another positive song of encouragement, this time giving a salute to everyday Filipino heroes. Here's his exclusive performance of "Saludo" on Radio Republic:

OPC Top 10 Pinoy Songs of 2013
  1. Quest, "Saludo" [FEATURE]
    #1, 3RD QUARTER (SCORE: 59.9)
  2. Yeng Constantino, "Alaala" [FEATURE]
    #1, 1ST QUARTER (48.3)
  3. Bea Binene, "Dito sa Puso Ko"
    #1, DECEMBER (44.5)
  4. Davey Langit, "The Selfie Song" [FEATURE]
    #1, 4TH QUARTER (38.1)
  5. Yeng Constantino, "B.A.B.A.Y." [FEATURE]
    #1, JANUARY (36.2)
  6. Sam Concepcion & Tippy Dos Santos feat. Quest, "Dati" [FEATURE]
    #1, SEPTEMBER (35.9)
  7. Jewel Villaflores, "Duyog" [FEATURE]
    #1, 2ND QUARTER (35.5)
  8. Daniel Padilla, "Nasa Iyo na ang Lahat" [FEATURE] (35.3)
  9. Yeng Constantino, "Chinito" [FEATURE] (34.1)
  10. Angeline Quinto, "One Day" [YOUTUBE] (25.7)


    1. Great choices! (except the bea binene and jewel songs na di ko pa napakinggan)

      Happy New Year JP!

    2. Happy new year to you too, Jecoup! :)