Thursday, February 6, 2014

Six Essential Flappy Bird Tips

I'm a Flappy Bird silver medalist. I've spent some time playing, but unlike other games that get easier once you get through its learning curve, this game is just frustratingly difficult to have a consistent high score. It takes a lot more than your normal gaming skills to master it. Here though are six tips, however contradicting some may be, to help you play this game that's currently talk of the town:
  1. Play on your own device. This guarantees that should you throw your device in frustration, friendships will be intact as you won't hurt the owner's feelings by your actions.
  2. Do NOT play on your own device. This will make you think twice about throwing the device in frustration, as it is not yours in the first place. This will make you have more control with your emotions.
  3. Play on an inexpensive device. This should give you peace of mind, that should you throw the device in frustration, it won't hurt your pocket too much.
  4. Play on an expensive device. Use a brand's current flagship phone to play, so that you'd stop yourself from throwing the device. You won't want to destroy something that cost you a lot when you bought it.
  5. Play when you wake up. Play not just until you're frustrated, but keep playing until you run out of frustration. This way, nothing else can get you frustrated anymore - and that means the rest of your day will be great!
  6. Let your friends play it too. Share the fun, share the frustration. Plus, it consoles you a bit when you watch your friends also get frustrated like you!
With this game, you must be very careful as there is no room for error. One wrong tap and the game is over. Don't worry though, no real birds are harmed when that happens, and you can always try again. Flappy Bird is available for free on Android and iOS devices. 

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