Monday, February 10, 2014

Skillet, "Not Gonna Die" [OPC10 January 2014]

Skillet has finally released the music video for their single "Not Gonna Die," which also happens to be this blog's top song for the first month of 2014. The song has a powerful message, telling us that we should not give up and lose hope on the verge of being defeated. Instead, we should stand our ground, fight, and take our life back from the enemy.

January 2014

1SkilletNot Gonna Die
2Demi LovatoLet It Go
3Kerrie RobertsTime for the Show
4BoyzoneLove Will Save the Day
5Imagine DragonsOn Top of the World
6Angeline QuintoSana 2X
7Josh WilsonPushing Back the Dark
8R5(I Can't) Forget About You
9Nine LashesBreak the World
10Lucy HaleYou Sound Good to Me

Note: This blog's music charts have gone through some changes for 2014. The weeklies are now called OPC Hits, while the monthlies will still be called OPC10, featuring the Top 10 overall tracks.

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