Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Forget Your Ex

Good morning DJ David Dash, I just want to ask: Do you have tips on how to forget your ex? Why can't I forget her even after all this time? She's still in my heart. She's still the one I'm looking for. She's still the one I'm thinking of. Thank you, DJ. From Tadz.

Dear Tadz, here are some tips to make you forget your ex:
  1. Reduce your alphabet to only 25 letters. You know what letter to remove. Also, take that letter out of your computer keyboard, it's no longer your type.
  2. Don't play with a PlayStation, so you don't eventually need to press the  button on your controller. Also, you can't play with the Xbox (obviously), and the Wii (you've got no "we" anymore, you're living separate lives).
  3. Don't use the computer. Its programs have a big red button on the upper right you don't want to see. Ironically, it's marked as Close. You don't want to get close with your ex if you want to forget him/her. Stay away.
  4. In Math, you can add, subtract or divide, but don't multiply (unless you're using the interpunct). Also, stay away from problems that ask you to find the value of x. You already know the answer to that, it's zero!
  5. Move on but don't get stuck with the next letter: Y (why). Also, instead of letters, go with the numbers: Find 8, make it fall for you, so it becomes your forever (infinity, yeah)! #NaayForever
  6. Study well and study hard, so when the examinations come, you'll be perfect! And if you're perfect, all you'll get are  marks, no ✗! You'll have great grades too!
Remember: Without any , your life would be PERFECT! 

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