Thursday, December 31, 2015

OPC Top 20 Pinoy Songs of 2015

Sponge Cola takes top honors in this blog's Top Pinoy Songs of 2015 with "Iyong Iyong Iyo," a song that's like a wedding vow, according to Karylle, the wife of the band's frontman Yael. Meanwhile, Victory Worship charts with three entries, the most by any artist this year. Victor Asuncion both have a worship song and a pop song at #2 and #3. He is joined by wife Yeng Constantino, as well as Kurt Fick and Nadine Lustre as the only artists with two entries in the Top 10. Fick's "Hahahahasula" is the top Cebuano track, besting his own Vispop entry and Von Saw's "Sa Akong Heart." Recognitions go to Mayonnaise (Most Kulit Song of the Year Award), and Julie Anne San Jose (What Can This Lady NOT Do? Award) for unleashing her rap prowess in "Tulad Mo."

OPC Top 20 Pinoy Songs of 2015

  1. Sponge Cola, "Iyong Iyong Iyo"
    TWO WEEKS AT #1 [FEATURE] [84.86]
  2. Victory Worship feat. Victor Asuncion, "Dance in Freedom"
    ONE WEEK AT #1 [FEATURE] [80.26]
  3. Yeng Constantino feat. Yan Asuncion, "What's Up Ahead"
    ONE WEEK AT #1 [FEATURE] [78.50]
  4. Kurt Fick feat. Paola San Diego, "Hahahahasula"
    ONE WEEK AT #1 [FEATURE] [78.27]
  5. James Reid feat. Nadine Lustre, "Hanap-Hanap" [YOUTUBE] [77.40]
  6. Julie Anne San Jose, "Tulad Mo" [YOUTUBE] [70.69]
  7. Yeng Constantino, "Dance Without the Music" [FEATURE] [70.12]
  8. Therese Marie Villarante & Kurt Fick, "Bok Love" [LYRIC VIDEO] [54.74]
  9. Abra feat. Chito Miranda, "Diwata" [YOUTUBE] [52.72]
  10. Nadine Lustre, "Me & You" [YOUTUBE] [52.43]
  11. Callalily feat. Maychelle Baay, "Bitter Song" [LYRIC VIDEO] [50.69]
  12. Mayonnaise, "Tayo na Lang Dalawa" [YOUTUBE] [43.01]
  13. Von Saw, "Sa Akong Heart" [FEATURE] [42.54]
  14. Victory Worship feat. Isa Fabregas, "Lay It Down" [YOUTUBE] [41.28]
  15. Victory Worship feat. Joseph Ramos, "Everlasting Glory" [YOUTUBE] [40.00]
  16. Kim Chiu, "Darating Din" [YOUTUBE] [36.82]
  17. Ryan Christopher, "Mr. Sun" [YOUTUBE] [36.53]
  18. Hale, "See You" [YOUTUBE] [35.90]
  19. Sam Concepcion feat. Jungee Marcelo, "Teka Break" [YOUTUBE] [32.77]
  20. Sponge Cola feat. Jane Oineza, "Move On" [YOUTUBE] [30.12]

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