Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPC Top 10 Posts of 2011

Here are One Pebble Cab's top ten posts of 2011! I did not expect the Snake to top the list, but people who wanted to read about it Googled and found my blog entry. There are five music-related posts, and five are numbered lists, which goes to show my inclination and preference for songs and charts. On the other hand, my blog visitors seem to like prizes (who doesn't?) with all three contest posts making it to this year-end recap.

 OPC Top 10 Posts of 2011
  1. Snake Xenzia (9/9/2011)
    A snaky review of a built-in game on the Nokia X1-01.
  2. Price Tag (Cebuano Parody) (5/27/2011)
    My version to this Jessie J hit, which talks about money, or the absence of it.
  3. Eliminating XP Home Security 2011 (/2011)
    A guide on how to eliminate the XP Home Security 2011 malware.
  4. No Stopping Anytime (4/5/2011)
    My first post, which also doubled as a contest, with P100 cellphone load as a prize.
  5. An Obvious Clue (1/12/2011)
    A clue to where the "No Stopping Anytime" street sign could be found.
  6. Top 20 on the Wishlist (12/15/2011)
    The top 20 items found on the Christmas wishlist on our company's bulletin board.
  7. OPC Song Picks 20110703 (7/5/2011)
    Bunny Malunda tops the Pinoy chart with "For Your Information."
  8. P100 Load on My 100th Post (11/20/2011)
    The second contest: Guess the #1 song on the SoundSessions Top Picks for Nov. 2005.
  9. OPC Song Picks 20110717 (7/19/2011)
    David DiMuzio debuts with his cool Taglish song "Naiisip Mo Ba."
  10. OPC Song Picks 20110424 (4/24/2011)
    Not part of that week's Top 10, but Hope's "Love Love Love" shines on the spotlight.

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