Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Pebble Cab: Year 5

New year, new calendar! Thanks to Mercury Drug for this one.

Happy new year, dear One Pebble Cab readers! Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope that in one way or another, I have provided relevant content to you in the past years: from music, stuff that could possibly make you laugh, to information that might be useful in one way or another.

2015 marks the fifth year of OPC. And though this shall be a busy but definitely blissful year ahead for me (hint), I am aiming to increase my output, at least in the number of entries. A quick look at the Blog Archive reveals that my posts have been on a decline in each year, and I hope to turn it around this time.

As you may have already observed, there is yet another bit of change for OPC Hits, this blog's staple music chart. This year, there will be three charts: Popsounds (top 10 pop songs), Praise Parade (top 10 praise songs), and Pinoy Picks (top five OPM songs), allowing me to categorize and give the tracks more opportunities to be featured.

I also intend to come up with more creative ideas and fun stuff that I could share with you, so watch out for those. So, well then, I hope you'll hang around regularly to get your dose of OPC goodness. Wishing everyone the best of everything this year. God bless!

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