Monday, October 3, 2011

OPC Quarterly Picks [Q3 2011]

Time to recall what happened on this blog's song picks from July to September. Looking at the music videos that I include in each post, only Rebecca Black is in the Overall Top 10 for Quarter 3 that hasn't been featured previously. While others find her really annoying, I would go on the record to say that yeah, she doesn't have the best voice quality, but it's tolerable. With the right songs, she might just do okay in the music scene.

She actually reminds me of Lolly, of "Viva La Radio" fame who also did a cover of "Mickey" (though I'd prefer Lolly over Becky). Anyway, here's Miss Friday with "My Moment" which is #8 on the tally. The full list follows after the embedded video.

Overall Top 10
3rd Quarter of 2011
  1. Stars Go Dim - Hesitate [VIDEO]
  2. The Script - Science & Faith [VIDEO]
  3. David DiMuzio - Naiisip Mo Ba [VIDEO]
  4. Simple Plan - Jet Lag (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) [VIDEO]
  5. Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly [VIDEO]
  6. Lady Antebellum - We Owned the Night [VIDEO]
  7. Avril Lavigne - Smile [VIDEO]
  8. Rebecca Black - My Moment
  9. Weird Al Yankovic - Perform This Way [VIDEO]
  10. Yeng Constantino - Siguro [VIDEO]
Pinoy Top 10
3rd Quarter of 2011
  1. David DiMuzio - Naiisip Mo Ba [VIDEO]
  2. Yeng Constantino - Siguro [VIDEO]
  3. BBS - Pawiin (feat. Kean Cipriano & Jay Durias)
  4. Rivermaya - Nowhere to Run (feat. Julianne Tarroja) [VIDEO]
  5. Sheng Belmonte - Gigil
  6. Sarah Geronimo - Bakit Pa Ba
  7. Marlou Morales - Forever I Won't Forget You
  8. Bunny Malunda - For Your Information [VIDEO]
  9. Gloc-9 - Elmer (feat. Jaq Dionisio & Jomal Linao)
  10. BBS - Wala na Tayo (feat. Kean Cipriano & Eunice)

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