Monday, October 24, 2011

TV and Software

Ako na Lang. Ruling the MYX Daily Top 10 today is Zia Quizon's "Ako na Lang." At Chart Central PH, there are comments doubting MYX's credibility and accusing it of bias, likely because of its unlikely #1. But I say the song is such a welcome entry, and it's deserving enough to be on top. The track is fresh and original. The first time I saw Zia's video, my first reaction was: "Woah, that face has that voice?!" But it's cool, her voice is good, as well as the song. She could just make it successfully even without associating her with her famous parents.

Top 14. The presentation of tonight's MYX Mobile Top Picks was certainly messy. After the Bottom 4 videos were shown, Anne Curtis's "Sukob Na" was introduced as the #10 entry, but the number on the upper left indicated #7 (or was it #6?). Things got realigned by #4, but it all got crystal clear during the recap; surprisingly we got a Top 14 this week instead of the usual Top 10. Oh-kay!

Buggy. The Notepad application on Windows XP (version 5.1) is buggy. I'm reminded of it while I'm composing this journal entry. I won't go into much detail about it, but it has something to do with word wrapping. You've probably already experienced it too. So Microsoft never bothered to provide a fix for this, huh? Or maybe this would be their advice: upgrade now to Notepad 6.1 on Windows 7! Edit: The same bug still exists on Windows 7. Well, there's always Textpad or Notepad++.

No More Popups. Avira has just released a new version of their anti-virus software. Previously, their free version features a prominent pop-up every time it downloads program component and virus definition updates (once a day). But not anymore, the pop-ups are all gone! And that's certainly good news. So upgrade your computer's umbrella now, because superior protection just got more awesome.

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