Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pebble Talk: Pilot Edition

Journal 001. Dear Mark and Courtney, I've read from Kresia's blog about her wishing that more of her friends post more about what's going in their lives. Well, here's one from me. Sort of.

Rise and Shine. Woke up today with bright daylight, I really thought it was already late and I overslept. Yet, it was still 6:15am, good enough time to get up out of bed. (I usually wake up between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning, with my cellphone alarm set at 6 o' clock, plus up to a couple of snoozes.) And it was raining! I thought it was a gonna be a difficult commute to the office but thankfully, the rain stopped as I was preparing for work.

Cold. Our workplace's temperature is too low. I urinate too many times. Plus today, my newly cut short hair also somehow contributed to a headache caused by the two aircons blowing its cold air directly on my head (one in front, one at the back). You know, less hair, less protection. But a new pwesto away from the ice-breathers would also most likely help. Now here's hoping my headache would be gone when I wake up tomorrow.

Long Queue. After Saturday's grand opening of the Krispy Kreme stores in Cebu (Ayala Center and IT Park), the lines are still long when me and Godsend Debbie checked it out tonight. So we just decided to postpone our first Krispy Kreme purchase until either we have time to endure the queue, or if the queue ain't too long anymore. But it's gotta be sometime this week! The earlier, the better.

Pendragon. My opening sentence (mentioning Mark and Courtney) is a reference to Pendragon, a ten-volume book series I really recommend. Its author, DJ MacHale, also has a current trilogy called Morpheus Road. Which reminds me, I gotta read Book 2 real soon!



  1. Hello kuya! :D
    Cheers to more posts about your personal activities :)

    Grabe gyud ang linya sa Krispy Kreme kuya..sa Ayala mu nangadto? Asta pud diri sa IT Park..basin dugay2x pa gyud na mahunong ang taas na linya :( Hope maka-buy ra mu ig sunod ninyo adto!

    Unsa na about ang Pendragon? Ebook ni?

  2. Hi, Kring! Don't count on me doing Pebble Talk too often though. Hehe. Yup, we went to Krispy Kreme Ayala. Probably its queue will normalize next month.

    For Pendragon, I would encourage you to read the actual physical books, or for any book on that matter. Or if you would purchase the e-book, that would be cool too!