Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taxi and Jeepney

Journal 002. If Bachelor Girl has a song titled "Buses and Trains," I have a blog entry titled "Taxi and Jeepney." Hehe.

Taxi. Just when I thought I could be early to work last Tuesday, stomach trouble strikes. Then the jeepneys were few and all full, forcing me to take a taxi. Instantly gone was my P100 (and I forgot to ask for a receipt), but at least I've learned that it's only 4.3 kilometers from home to the office. I could pay the minimum fare on the jeep then next time!

Jeepney. My two cents: (1) Ayaw kuhita ang driver kung motunol ka og plete. Use your mouth (but don't shout) to let him know. Your pagpanguhit might startle him and cause an unnecessary vehicular accident. Also don't give any fare to the driver when he is maneuvering a turn; it might distract him and make him lose his concentration. Road safety should always be a priority. (2) I believe it's our responsibility as commuters to bring enough coins and/or small bills with us especially in the morning. As we often read: "Sinsilyo lang sa buntag." Just saw a father and son walk off the jeep without paying their fare after the driver refused to accept their P100 bill, as he didn't have change for it yet. If that's your technique to get a free ride, well I say that's an ugly thing to do. As for drivers and conductors, I just request you to please give us the correct change (as well as honor discounts for students and senior citizens). After all, it's also been said: "Ang tamang magsukli, maraming suki."

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