Monday, May 21, 2012

Code Immersion, Tooth Extraction

What a Saturday! It started off with a carry-over work extension from Friday night. And after only about 5 hours of sleep, I went to see the dentist and finally had a problematic tooth removed!

Code Immersion. Admittedly, since I’m still relatively new in my current job, I’m a bit slower in completing my work assignments. So when I was given an urgent task, I needed all the help I can get. Thanks to our team leader for the coffee, it kept me fully awake in the early hours of the morning; thanks also to the teammate who helped me until the resolution of the issue (because of his knowledge, it was run-and-gun and no longer trial-and-error); and, thanks to God for the strength, wisdom and the guidance that took me through the challenge.

After all the tracing and debugging, it only took three lines for the correction (and no, I didn’t create the bug, I just fixed it). But, on a positive note, I’m still thankful that through this particular code immersion, I was able to dig deeper into the code and understand the system more. I have now gained some confidence that I can do better in the next tasks that will be on my plate.

Tooth Extraction. I also went to the dentist, and after he checked my third molar, he recommended to have it extracted (as opposed to filling it with pasta). After three rounds of anesthesia and around fifteen minutes (it was apparently a little difficult to remove), I waved my wisdom tooth goodbye. I also got my teeth professionally cleaned while I was there. Thanks, Dr. Trocio!

For your dental needs, you may check out the services of:

My extracted tooth, which I
took home as a souvenir.

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City
Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm
Landline: 253-9891
Mobile: 0906-3714548

Sto. Niño Diagnostic Bldg.
3rd Floor, Room D
B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City
Monday to Friday, 3pm-6pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm
Sunday by appointment
Landline: 412-8803

And by the way, DMD here stands for Doctor of Dental Medicine, not dî madá! Hehe.

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