Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yahoo! Axis - Review

A screenshot of Yahoo! Axis, as I searched for "Chart Central Philippines."

I found out through an online article about Yahoo! Axis. It promised to be "a new kind of browser" that would run on the iPhone, iPad and the desktop. Curious on what it was, I checked it out on my PC.

When I downloaded it, I was surprised that Mozilla Firefox installed it as an add-on. "What? I thought this was a browser?," was my reaction. While it’s tagged as “a search browser” on the iTunes App Store, it’s just a plug-in on the desktop (or maybe they have a different definition of browser altogether). I explored a bit and watched its demo video, and learned what Yahoo! Axis can do.

But Yahoo! Axis occupied the bottom portion of my screen, which I didn't like. I prefer to maximize the view of the websites I'm visiting, and that space occupied by Axis, although minimal, was distracting. Then I didn’t seem to care about its features anymore because of this one drawback. Come to think of it, it’s just like the Yahoo! Toolbar, which I don't use!

Its trends list, enhanced search and device integration (though I don’t have any iOS device to integrate) maybe good. But after considering, I felt that its desktop version won't be of much help to me. What it brings to the table are nice-to-have but not essential, and I don’t really need it.

Yahoo! Axis, uninstalled.

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