Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Irreplaceable - Bee Top 30 Jingle

Yesterday, I posted about 92.3 Cebu going unbranded and dropping the Killer Bee name. Well, there might be nothing much to worry about after all and Quest's next move is something to look forward to, but I'll keep my mouth shut for now. Allow me though to kick in some nostalgia and take you back in time with this Bee Top 30 jingle used in 2007-2008 that I recorded to the tune of "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé.

New lyrics by JP Cabrales for Killer Bee 92.3 Cebu
[Download MP3]

Turn it up, turn it up
Turn it up, turn it up
Turn it up, turn it up

Make the volume louder, everyone turn it up
On the radio, my fave program
Playing all the hits I love so much
And keep listening all the time
It's the countdown with Mister Einstein
And from thirty to one we go
Up on the greatest weekend chart show

All the songs you hear will tell you that
Frank is very cool, without a doubt
All the music being played is just for you
You gotta listen

Tune in to Killer Bee
And know the Top Thirty
I betcha that you'll enjoy every minute
Matter fact, you won't get enough of it, baby
Listen to Killer Bee
And know the Top Thirty
And there will be no replay by tomorrow
Don't you ever for a second dare to miss it
It's irreplaceable


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