Friday, April 26, 2013

Farewell, Killer Bee!

The station has gone unbranded since Easter and their Facebook page has already started the countdown to April 29, 2013 for The Big Reveal. But before we get to that, Killer Bee 92.3 still has to officially breathe its last, and here's their press release:

Killer Bee 92.3 Plays Its Last Song After 21 Years  

Cebu City, Philippines – April 26, 2013. Cebu pop FM radio pioneer Killer Bee 92.3 will officially sign off after 21 years of spirited broadcasting. It was April 19, 1992 when it officially signed on and joined the fray of a then otherwise dreary FM radio landscape. With the airwaves dominated by oldies and love songs and announcers with prescription-modulated voices, Killer Bee sounded fresh. It had a 24 hour Contemporary Hit Radio format and a full on-air staff of young, vibrant and edgy, fast-talking DJs. With the now classic slogans "Cebu's 24-Hour Pop Radio" and "Loud and Clear Anywhere", a new generation of radio listeners made the Big Switch.

Killer Bee introduced the concept of active listening that encouraged more audience interaction and participation with phone-in contests, campus raids, sticker campaigns, movie premieres, regular parties and concerts. Early popular DJs were Jojo Banana, Frank Einstein, General John Stormy, Ali McCoy, Mermaid, Angelman, Barry Crocodile and Ray Parrot to name a few. Notable popular programs were Love Notes with Joe D' Mango, Bee Friday Madness, Bass Hour, Party on Weekend and The Final Countdown.

Killer Bee is owned by Quest Broadcasting Inc. and Tiger 22 Media. Its flagship station is Magic 89.9 in Manila. It has sister stations and affiliates in Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, General Santos, Dumaguete, Zamboanga and Boracay. Current DJs are Mo Twister, Tony Toni, Slick Rick, Sam YG, Stein, Joe Romeo, Jack Stone, Bobby Bee, Andilicious and Chio Chaves.

Today is Killer Bee's last day of broadcast. The public is invited for the last time to listen to the radio station that has been part of their youth. What will the station play as their last song? Find out at five minutes before 12 MN on April 26, 2013. It will be Magical.

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