Tuesday, April 16, 2013

92.3 Cebu Official On-Air Statement

92.3 Cebu recently started airing this message for the listeners. To quote:

"We wanted a perfect ending. And the perfect time is about to come. Pretty soon, we will take our last deep breath. A very sad moment for all of us here. But please know that even though we haven't met all of you, we love you. Even though we didn't get to shake your hands, we feel connected to you. The hardest part of this is letting go. But we believe that starting over again will be very easy. It's just important for us to say farewell and move on because we have to. Don't be sad because it's the end of our journey. Be happy cause it might just be the start of a new beginning. Thank you for making us a part of your youth. For that, we will always be in love with you. Until next time."

Killer Bee, I never wanted it to end. But I understand it's your time to go. For the music, for the fun times, for the friendship, please hear my heart-felt thank you. I will eagerly wait for your next incarnation. But I will miss you, and please know that you will always leave a beautiful sting in my heart.

Update: Looks like "the big reveal" will be on April 29, 2013. So let's all find out together on this day what exciting things await us in the new 92.3. I guess it will be mind-blowing, awesome, great, ingenious and cool.

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