Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rolan's Campaign Jingle

The midterm elections are near, and the campaign period is here. So it's high time for me to repost this track I recorded some years ago just for fun, which is a fake senatorial campaign jingle for a real friend named Rolan V. Hinayon. He did not run nor do I think is he planning to, but if he will, he's already got this piece on his hands, although I guess he'll need to change the lyrics of the first part of the chorus. Here's his supposed campaign song (yes, he's running for senator but his jingle is in Cebuano, just because I wrote it so) to the tune of "Proud Mary." And if you're wondering about why the jingle uses his full name complete with middle initial, well, the V is really important because it stands for victory!

Senatorial Campaign Jingle
To the tune of "Proud Mary"
[Download MP3]

Stanza I:
Siya ang pag-asa sa nasud
Bright na, buotan ug kugihan pa gyud
Karong eleksiyon, siya ang pilion
Rolan V. Hinayon pagka-Senador


Sayon kaayo duolon
Pero lisod pangitaon
Rolan, Rolan
Rolan V. Hinayon
Rolan V. Hinayon

Stanza II:

Siya ang tingog sa katawhan
Moasenso ta ug di ta pasagdan
Karong piniliay, di gyud ka magmahay
Kung si Rolan ang imong iboto

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Stanza I
Repeat Chorus


Rolan, Rolan, Rolan V. Hinayon (Rolan V. Hinayon)
Rolan, Rolan, Rolan V. Hinayon (Rolan V. Hinayon)
Rolan, Rolan, Rolan V. Hinayon (Rolan V. Hinayon)

New lyrics by JP Cabrales
April 4, 2007