Monday, April 8, 2013

92.3 Cebu Goes Unbranded

CEBU, Philippines — The Killer Bee is out, and the frequency 92.3 MHz has gone unbranded, on-air without a name.

This piece of development came as a shock to me, as there was no hint of it happening at all. On Holy Wednesday, during 10 Most Wanted, Jack Stone told the listeners that, like they do every year, the station will be off-air from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday, and will be back on Easter Sunday. True enough, 92.3 was back on Easter, but it was Killer Bee no more.

At the moment, the playlist is still the same. The ads are still there. But the DJs are no longer on board and the simulcasts from Magic 89.9 are gone (see update below). All we hear for identification is a stinger that states "ninety-two point three."

Killer Bee's official Facebook page states: "Things could only get better! Wait for something BIG!" Well, here's hoping they will rebrand and adapt their mother station's name in Manila and become Magic 92.3 Cebu while retaining their DJs and crew. But if "big" is a keyword, is it even remotely possible that they will become like Manila's 91.5 Big Radio? This idea might be too far fetched though as Progressive Broadcasting (the owners of Big Radio) is not affiliated with Quest Broadcasting (the owners of Killer Bee).

What's next has not yet been revealed to the public. The station is currently in transition, and may undergo reformatting in the coming days. As for me, I am waiting for my favorite radio jocks - Chio, Jack and Stein - to return on-air.

Update (4/16): As per comment by Arjan and confirmation from Stein, Good Times with Mo and Boys Night Out are still being aired on 92.3. I just can't seem to catch them though when I tune in at the time slots of these programs (perhaps there were technical problems and therefore no simulcasts during those times I was listening).

Also, check out the station's official on-air statement here.


  1. It's great to know that the Magic 89.9 simulcasts are back then! At
    the time this blog entry was written, there was no Good
    nor Boys Night Out (that is, if I'm
    correct - maybe I didn't listen long enough to confirm). :)

  2. ugh....if it became a Magic 92.3 is fine... still an avid! <3

  3. Important is, they can still be heard.